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Quade named Cub manager

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He gets to hold down the fort while they build up the farm system, run a bunch of kids out there because of crap long term expensive contracts, and otherwise manage the mess that is my current Cubs.


Sandberg would be wise to get out of dodge and pursue employment elsewhere.

This trainwreck aint gettin' better anytime soon.

I am unimpressed with Ricketts too. Keeping Hendry is a joke.

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    • Cam will get the calls.  The hits to Cam head was too much of a talking point in a negative manner towards the NFL last year.  The discussion on the hits to his head were part of the reason this rule change was made.  NFL tried to paint the picture that Cam was being treated the same as other QBs while coming up with new ways to say he wasn't protected by the rule when an obvious miss call was made.  Ex. wrapping technique when hit low in the pocket.  Posture when hit in the pocket in the head.  Then this offseason they change the rule to make it look like they were proactive in protecting players.  Cam will get the calls and they will toot their own horn saying how the change in the rule is working.
    • I would die with a smile on my face.
    • God I hope that's a smokescreen comment.