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CatMan's 10/21 practice observations

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Stopped by practice again today, still seems like Moore and Clausen are getting a pretty even number of snaps which makes me think the door is still open for Clausen to take back over.

Passing game still looks rough, seemed like Moore was only able to connect on about 1 out of every 10 attempts. At one point, they were doing 1 on 1 drills with a DB and a WR and they went through 5 or 6 reps before Moore was able to connect with a receiver... Clausen didn't look much better and had a ball picked in the 1 on 1 drill, I was standing a good ways away from the action, but from what I could see the receiver was running a slant and the DB got inside position, but Clausen threw the ball anyways (reminiscent of the pick he threw in the Bengals game on a slant to 89).

Pike and Clausen took turns running the scout team. They had a player out there running around at WR with a red # 15 jersey on which I assume was to mark him as Crabtree. Had a few other guys wearing red and yellow jerseys over their normal jersey, saw a # 20 (Gore) and a # 85 (Davis).

Speaking of Davis, Thomas Davis was out on the practice fields running around today (rehab) and looked good. Didn't see him take any actual reps with the rest of the team.

Didn't see Beason out there today, didn't see him out there last Thursday either... wondering if they're giving him Thursdays off?

Dan Connor had a pick from Moore in his hands but couldn't squeeze it and Smitty bent down and caught it.

Clausen spent some time just taking snaps and handing the ball off to a HB while Moore and Pike were throwing passes in the 1 on 1 WR/DB drills, assume they're working on his fumbling issue.

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We have one of the best in the NFL at creating problems 1 on 1 and it take 5-6 passes to complete a pass? Ouch.. Ill be holding my breath if we can even break 125 yards on Sunday Passing.

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Any info on how many reps devin Thomas was getting or how he looked?

I was looking for DT but didn't see much of him. I think 89, 12 and 11 were taking most of the reps.

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Where was 10?

10 was out there taking reps and was working on the scout team as Crabtree (sorry, forgot to mention that in my OP). Also spend some time at the end of practice catching punts out of a jugs machine.

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for some reason the bends from radiohead went through my mind as i was reading about the passing game. it's so horrible. the pressure is just too much for either guy. i don't see either one doing particularly well this year. i'm staying away from moore vs. clausen arguments now because i hate debating over which turd looks better. both smell horribly and stick to your shoes. at least clausen could evolve to something respectable. moore has devolved.

re: davis, was he wearing the brace? he better have been.

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