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Here's where I'm at right now in my coaching research...

- If the team goes by its usual MO, it'll be Frazier or Zimmer.

- If they decide to go for offense, or if they decide it's time for a major shock to the system, it'll be Harbaugh.

- If they want to be tougher and/or bring in someone from the Steeler system, Grimm.

- If they put a premium on experience, it probably goes to Mike Heimerdinger.

- If they take it slow and other teams move fast, thinning the pool, could be Winston Moss.

- In house would be a shock (a big shock, honestly) but if that happens the job likely goes to Meeks. Brian Baker gets promoted to DC.

- If it's a complete "wow, nobody saw that coming" type wild card choice, could be Mike Pettine.

Guys that I just don't see getting the nod - for various reasons - McDermott, Rivera, Butler, Schottenheimer and Garrett.

Again though, that's right now. A lot could change by season's end.

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