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Matt Foley

How would you fix baseball?

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Get rid of Selig.

Shorten the season by about 2 weeks.

Stop the All Star Game counts nonsense.

Give managers 2 challenges for bad calls. (I've come around to new-fangled thinkin)

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Keeping players in the box between pitches would help a lot with game time. Players don't need to undress in between each pitch. Dead time between pitches and innings is really the only thing I can think to change without changing the actual face of the game. Baseball is a game you need to understand to really appreciate a 2-1 game. It's hard for a casual fan to understand how impressive a pitcher is unless he happens to light up the radar gun.

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get rid of all those fat overpaid bums and have the entire league consist of hot lingerie models...then, maybe, I'll watch!

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#1 - Even 150 is at least 30 too many in my opinion. Must be a shorter season, so teams that are out of the playoff race early on aren't playing for nothing for a while.

#2 - Agree.

#3 - A salary cap negates the need for this really.

#4 - Cut it BY 2 weeks is a better option IMO. You've got to remember, that if they keep the # of games the same, this is where each team gets the majority of its "practice".

#5 - Don't agree on the 2 throws to first base max. But what I DO believe in is a delay of game penalty, in which the batter takes his base. Take longer than the count of 10 to pitch/throw/etc, batter walks.. Pitching warm-ups only happen in bullpen, otherwise, what the hell is the bullpen for? But 3 warm-up pitches is more than enough and I agree.


-1 minute breaks, max between changing sides.

-3 minutes breaks between innings.

-No breaks for relief pitchers except their 3 warm up pitches.

-Only a combined 5-6 mound appearances by catcher/coaching staff throughout game. Why the manager even needs to go to the mound to make a change is absurd anyway, as he can talk to his team/pitching staff with a phone and all the time between changes/innings/and when his team is at bat.

-Salary cap.

-Expand playoffs to AT LEAST 12 teams total. No best of 7 until ALCS/NLCS/WS.

-No 1 game playoffs to see who makes the playoffs. Use tiebreakers. You must have one when playing 150+ games, no?

That's all I can think of for now..

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1) Salary Cap/Minimum is an absolute must.

2) Dramatically shorten the season. I'm talking about 100 games or less per season. There is no need that teams need to be going stretches of 14+ consecutive days with games. You solve this by limiting teams to a 3 game weekend series and then a 2 game weekday series with at least 2 days a week that a team doesn't play.

3) Add at least 2 more playoff teams.

As a side note, the game play itself does not need to be changed. If you don't like the sport the way it is played, then don't watch. But if you make the games more meaningful (by playing fewer games) then the games automatically become more interesting because more is riding on each game.

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