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It's Official! Reagan broke the 20 year curse.

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The Presidents elected in

1840 (W Harrison - natural causes),

1860 (Lincoln - shot),

1880 (Garfield - shot),

1900 (McKinley - shot),

1920 (Harding - natural causes),

1940 (F Roosevelt - natural causes)

1960 (Kennedy - shot)

all died in office.

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They changed it. W was the first not to die or get shot in office. Hopefully, Obama will be the first not to die, get shot, or shoot himself in the foot in office.

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    • Could be. Hope to be.  I see the big time potential in both. In my opinion-The biggest obstical I see (not only with them but in many young players) is their self confidence. Taking it from "flashing" to "breaking out" or "to the next level" is an imaginary obstacle that stands in the way of a lot of players with potential. To get over the hump, it can take a play, a game or a season to get their mind right with the confidence that they can perform at another level.  KB and Funch have good coaching and all the skills necessary to be the guy, but in the end, they are human too. Most won't admit but the majority of people perform in a "fake it till you make it" environment so to speak.   Lack of confidence or conversely, proving to yourself you can do it, is not only important to the average Joe like you and I but to them as well.  Some guys get over the hump and exceed their own expectations enough to where it becomes standard practice. Others never quite get that bit of confidence or courage to take it one step above their self imposed ceiling.  Im optimistic so I think these two guys can break through. We will certainly have a good read on their direction this season.  PS- Did I use enough quotations?  
    • If your grammar has any indication of your intellect, you likely can't find North Carolina on a map.