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Why did so many people go to the game?

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Judging from my television, at times early in the game the stadium seemed to have a decent number of folks in it. Especially considering a 1 win team was playing in cold weather.

I'm sorry guys but this is the wrong approach. Please do us all a favor and stop going to the game. This is like people complaining about Modern Warfare 2 then you go online and it has the most players of any game ever online. Who will listen to complains if they don't feel threatened by their consumers?

If you want to see Jimmy Clausen checking down and throwing the ball away next year, go to the game. If you want a better product on the field, do us all a favor and stay home.

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That's easy to say sitting at home mad at the game, but if you have already paid for your PSL's like I have, it is throwing over $100 in the toilet to not show up.

That is the sick beauty of what Jerry Richardson has done to the fan base this year. All but around 7000 of a 73,000 thousand seat stadium are paid for in advance through PSL sales. What was once the catalyst to get an NFL team in Charlotte is now being used to hold hostage the most loyal fans.

My options:

1) Don't pay my ticket invoice in protest and forfeit ~$5000 I paid for 2 PSL's

2) Try to sell my PSL's, which is like trying to sell a house in the current economy and situation with the team being so bad

3) Sell (or give away) my tickets. Only problem in that is only opposing team fans are willing to buy right now.

4) Go to game and get some use out of the $1000+ I paid in advance for season tickets for a team the owner refused to spend money to make competitive

Option #4 really is the only financially sound decision out of a list of undesirable choices. If you mail $100 every game, I will happily stay home

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Yeah I guess some are backed into a corner with the whole PSL thing.

That Saints game was ugly though and I imagine it's only going to get worse. When you think you've hit a low point, think again. You can always go a little lower.

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