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Trade Down???

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Honestly we are a very, very talented football team. With as much cap room that we have we aren't going to have any glaring holes left in FA.

We don't need a savior in the form of a #1 pick.

We don't need a QB. We drafted Clausen and Pike. Clausen hasn't looked like bust unlike what some people claim. He's looked like a rookie QB on a bad team. Give him some time.

We have enough cap room to sign a vet if needed to give some insurance.

What we do need is an O-lineman that can fill in for Otah if/when he gets an injury. Get a RG that can fill in at RT. Or a RT that can move to RG if Otah stays healthy.

We need a DT that can take up blockers to allow what will be a stellar LB core(Davis, Beason, Anderson) to make tackles.

We need a DT that can push the pocket.

We traded our 2nd rounder this year to the pats. That means we could possibly be waiting close to 63 more picks before our next one.

The only way I wouldn't want to trade down is if we end up around #4 or #5 and we take a DE/DT or one of the elite CBs.

Otherwise Trade Down, multiple times.

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Honestly we are a very, very talented football team.

Hate to break it you lad but a team picking in the top five of the draft generally is not a talented team.

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the number one overall pick is worth ATLEAST two first rounders. Looks at what the Giants gave up to get Eli Manning. The #3 overall pick, a 4th rounder and another 1st and 3rd rounder the next year or something like that.

this was also before the rookie pay scale that will be in place AND the fact that Manning had already stated that he would not play for San Diego

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Hate to break it you lad but a team picking in the top five of the draft generally is not a talented team.

You could try to actually look into what I said. I don't see the point of generalizing the only team that you would actually know specific details about. Why even bother commenting?

The Cowboys are terrible this season too but they are talented as well.

Look at the defense especially the back seven

Chris Gamble

Richard Marshall

Captain Munnerlynn

Charles Godfrey

Sherrod Martin

James Anderson

Jon Beason

Dan Connor

Thomas Davis

That's 3 1st rounders, 2 2nd rounders, 3 3rd rounders, and a 7th rounder who has far exceeded expectations. They've all been playing at a high level, the secondary has performed well against the pass the last few years. They are all young and talented.

Our defensive ends are alright. Johnson has worked out a decent career. Brown is dissapointing. Hardy was a steal in the 6th round but he's not making too much noise. So they are about medicore but at least we have made an effort.

Where's the only spot that we have neglected to address? Defensive Tackle. We got rid of Jenkins and never found a replacement. We tried to get by with two one dimensional tackles with kemo/lewis. Then we got rid of them pulling guys off the street to replace them.

Guess what? That's the position where I said we should concentrate our draft picks. The defense oozes talent with the exception being the defensive line mostly at DT.

Then you have the offense.

Clausen/Pike - two rookies we drafted this year. Haven't really set the world on fire but they do have plenty of upside. Clausen has great pro potential and has played well with the cards he's been delt. It's too early to give up on either of them unless they really turn into a train wreck.

Williams/Stewart/Sutton/Goodson - extremely talented backfield. All 4 of these guys would be reliable if we needed to start them.

Smith - on the decline but still dangerous.

Gettis/LaFell - two rookies having a solid year. To be the #2/#3 options on the depth chart they are 4th and 5th out of all rookie WRs in terms of production. They are talented and producing, they look to have a bright future.

Then we have various ST guys and the wildcard with Armanti Edwards. He could work out he could not.

Our tight ends are modest but this team has never had much interest in developing them. Tight Ends in this offense block and if they can catch it's a bonus.

Then there is the O-line.

Gross - high draft pick that has played well for the most part, pro bowl season in 08

Wharton - 3rd rounder who played alright at tackle but moved inside to great benefit to his career

Kalil - 2nd best center in the league

Otah - high draft pick who has played well for the most part when he's healthy

At RG is where we are really hurting.

So the only spot on offense that is lacking in any kind of talent is really Right Guard and Tight End if we get a coordinator who likes receiving tight ends.

Which again is the position where I said we need some help. We are getting killed by our lack of depth on the O-line.

We can't get much pressure, we can't stop the run, and we can't run the ball or pass protect as well as we should.

We could draft 1 player in the first 64 picks and have him play with the same crappy O-line and leaky defense.

Or we could draft 2-3(even 4) players in the first 64 picks and shore up glaring weaknesses. Suddenly Clausen will have an run game, suddenly the defense can stop the run as well as the pass.

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If we have the #1 overall.. we won't be trading that pick. First of all, no one will want it.. and secondly, if Andrew Luck is there, we won't want to trade it. We need a beast NT, but there are none worth taking that high.

This is Carolina's draft board with Cowher as the head coach:

#1 Andrew Luck

#2 Marcell Dareus

#3 Patrick Peterson

#4 AJ Green

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We really dont have a lot of talent, we have no stud on d line, we have an underachieving secondary that cant cover a 2nd tier receiver, no depth at linebacker or o line. Except for Jon Beason and now James Anderson I dont see much talent at all, Godfrey plays hard but lacks in consistent coverage

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I really think IF you play your cards right you can come away with a King's ransom in a trade. There are plenty of factors working in your favor.

Several QB hungry teams will be in the top 10 and the list for franchise QBs in this draft ends at Luck. Locker and Mallett have both looked inconsistent and downright horrible at times. You want to come out of the draft with a true franchise QB? Better put together a trade package and get on the phone.

Then with a new CBA the difference in contract between a #1 and #10 shouldn't be that big of a deal. Yeah, it still may be a decent chunk of change for a player that's never taken a snap in the NFL but it won't be this massive dealbreaker like in years past.

You should have numerous teams interested in moving up, then sell the idea of drafting Luck yourself to create maximum leverage and let the bidding war begin.

A high first rounder (top 10)

A future 1st rounder

A 2nd or 3rd rounder

A future 3rd-5th

Getting something like that is NOT out of the question, I just wish our GM was known for pulling off lopsided trades rather than being on the other end of them. That's a whole other story but I'll keep my fingers crossed (assuming we DO end up with the top pick, otherwise all this is pointless :lol:).

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I wonder how Godfrey would do if he put on about 20lbs at weakside linebacker...could be as good as Thomas Davis.

Not happening, Godfrey takes terrible angles when tackling runningbacks

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As much as I want to see Luck in a Panthers uniform, tradign down could be a good move if we could get the right price.

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If we have the #1 pick, and do not take Luck, I will loose it! It is not very often that a franchise QB lands in your lap. We have never had it happen before, and who knows when we will have it again. We can still find a way to get more picks. We could add another 2nd or 3rd for one of our RBs. Even if Clausen ends up being great, you can never have too many great QBs. We could trade one away for another 1st rounder in a few years. We are several years away from being a great team, and why not take a few years to let 2 young QBs battle it out. At least that should be fun to watch.

Add depth and a starter or 2 in free agency, get the franchise QB in the draft. Worry about the rest the next year!

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