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uggla to the braves for infante and mike dunn

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I didn't think the Braves would get someone like that without losing one of the bigger named pitchers

So if Chipper comes back, where does Prado go, LF? Does this mean Jurrjens may be shopped for OF help interesting start to say the least.

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haha i'm hoping they trade Hanley back to the BoSox

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    • You're the first person in this thread to actually have a real response. Folks that are still talking about it are folks like you. Take your own advice.   molesters, rapists, murders can do all the time they want they still don't get a pass for being a shitty human.  That's the problem with a lot of repeat offenders, is they believe too much in forgivneas and not enough in condemnation.    POS can rot in hell idgaf he's not his time and had behaved since. If you want you vouch for a child rapist to be not judged because they did their time by all means hire them as your babysitter, hire the habitual B&E to rub your store, the DWI to drive your family places, but don't the preach to other who still love still the right to judge people on valuable merits their actions
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