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Funny Condoms

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For people who can't find their @$$ from a hole in the ground. Glow in the Dark Condoms.


Lighted condoms: For people who are afraid of the dark!


For the Warrior in all of us! Or, "Love is a Battlefield" (Old Pat Bennetar song):


Corporate Condoms:


Got Condoms?


Flavored Condoms




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More flavors:


Party flavors


Why do men always have condoms in their night stand? Because even if we weren't Boyscouts, it pay to be prepared!


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    • I like the use of props like in that old MTV allstar game where there was like 2 additional baskets above the main hoop. Could be interesting.

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    • It seems like every year around draft time, huddle math kicks into full effect.  Somehow by puck 8 the top 20 prospects will magically be gone. Always amazes me.  Unless you are trading up to 1 draft a Peppers or Cam franchise can't miss prospect I don't see why this team would trade up with a pick in the top 10.  Use last years slump to your advantage and build your core.  Get 2-3 starting caliber (not necessary starters on this team but starting caliber) NFL players and some depth guys.  I like Fournette but there are other guys that can fill a role on this team who will be available.  No need to throw the draft away. Just my opinion. 
    • Oh hell, make it 28 points. Boy, the failcons could have used that.