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Schefter on Luck/Panthers

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Stevie (Dallas, TX)

With the QB situation as bad as it is in Carolina, and the possibility having the 1st Overall Draft PIck, do you think the Panther would take Andrew Luck if they have the opportunity?

Adam Schefter

(2:41 PM)

Any team that has the first pick has to take Andrew Luck if he comes out, Stevie. The question is whether Luck will come out. No knock on Buffalo even though fans there will take it that way, but if a rookoie wage cap is implemented and you're Andrew Luck and you know you're going to Buffalo, is that going to make you more apt to return to Palo Alto for one more season? It very well might. Andrew Luck will get to see who has the No. 1 pick and decide whether he wants to go live and work in that city for the next decade.

Looks like there could be another Eli Manning/ John Elway situation...

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he's got to strike while the irons hot. i can't see it getting much hotter than it is right now for him. if it gets any worse, teams will be intentionally losing to try and get a shot at him. :lol: at least this way he has a clue where he'd be going. if there is no football next year, then he'd have to rely on the lottery to decide his fate.

coming here wouldn't be as bad as going somewhere like buffalo/toronto or even staph city (cleveland). plus, what we've done here isn't all that far off from what he does at stanford. run heavy offense relying on big plays downfield...just not as sophisticated or well tuned as he's used to with harbaugh (i said that as a joke, but i think it's probably true).

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