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2011 Draft...

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could pay off, big time, for us if we had the #1 pick.

Considering we already have a young QB prospect at hand with Jimmay and other teams which may look to that position as a position of need; we could get multiple picks from our #1 and still draft in top five, with teams like the Bills, Bengals, and Cardinals looking to out duel one another for the first crack at a QB in next year's draft.

We, definitely, could and should take P. Peterson and/or take a guy like D. Bowers in the top five and be compensated with a high second and maybe, who knows, other picks as well; a next year's first rounder, perhaps. Perhaps, if, A. Luck can bring such hype upon himself and make himself deemed worthy of it in the mind of one of those teams' G.M.

*Excuse me for looking pass this season and onto next season. But, at this point, it is the only way to keep sane being a Panthers fan.

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