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We may be 1-8, but I'm still thankful for the Panthers

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Jaxel    127

Rep my man, except that we are 1-9.

I am thankful for the opportunity to pull for the Carolina Panthers, for the good years they have given us, and the years they'll give us as the season go by.

Go Panthers!

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CatMan72    4,538

And I'm grateful to JR for getting us a team. Despite his mistakes along the way (not just this year's), he's been a model of class and the type of owner I am proud to support. I've had the pleasure of meeting him in a non-football setting, and he's just a great man.

I'm grateful for our GM. I like most of the players that Hurney has gotten and think he's done a good job assembling talent. I'm sure there are decisions he would take back, but I also trust him to find a way to get things done when we need them. Once we get through this bad year, we'll have a long spell where we generally go into a season only missing a single piece, and I think he's the man to find it.

I'm grateful to John Fox for bringing consistency to Carolina and making us such a constant threat that 7-9 has gone from a season goal to a season disappointment. I've followed the franchise since day one, and never has there been a time when expectations were as high as they are now. That's directly due to his performance, and this year won't change that.

I'm grateful to Jake Delhomme for years of solid leadership and for the honest, friendly face he put on the franchise. And I hope that Godfrey and Co. will be grateful that he's starting on Sunday.

Most of all, I'm just grateful we have a team. Even if they're awful right now, it's nice to have local guys we can pull for. And you can bitch and moan, but when you do please consider that your passion for the Panthers wouldn't be possible if they weren't here.

Ditto, well said.

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KatsAzz    0

In my opinion,a few years from now,this down season we are currently having will be a distant memory,while we enjoy some championship caliber Panther teams

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Sam Mills Fan    4,502

I am thankful that we are going to have a great next decade led by Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck.

I'm thankful for guys like Mike Goodson, Sherrod Martin and James Anderson who have been pleasant surprises this season and are out there working harder than ever.

I'm thankful that PSLs are going to be selling at all-time lows after the season which will be great bargains for anybody that wants to jump in before we start our reign of dominance after this upcoming offseason.

I'm thankful for Jim Szoke on WBT, the most underappreciated guy associated with the Panthers ever.

I'm thankful for old reliable John Kasay having one of his best seasons at 41 when people were saying he was done years ago and constantly calling for us to cut him every offseason.

I'm thankful for Jason Baker being a great punter that just goes out and does his job with no appreciation whatsoever.

And I'm thankful for the Huddle for being one of the best NFL forums I've come across.

Happy Thanksgiving peeps.

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Kakarot    3,435

I'm thankful for having a home team to root for(even though I wish it was in Raleigh or the Triad, cant complain though :D).

I'm thankful for guys like Steve Smith, Jon Beason, Julius Peppers, Stephen Davis, Deshaun Foster, John Kasay, David Gettis, Thomas Davis, DeAngelo Williams, J Stewart. Basically, all the great players in the past, present, and future of this franchise. The players in the organization get 95% of my thanks!

Today's a good day, so I wont be negative. So, I'm thankful for Mr. Richardson bringing football to the Carolinas. That's as far as I'll go with that...

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