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Reason we'll seldom beat a team like the Bucs+it's time to blow up this team

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Posted 28 November 2010 - 07:46 PM

LOL Jax being a good locker room presence. Dude is usually RAN out of towns. He's not consistent at all, except on Turnovers. Usually when he does score he missed 15 shots in the game to get to that point. Dumb shots, dumb whining, turnovers, etc.

Watch the games, how many times do you see Jax crying about a no-call on the other end of the court while our whole team is a man down on the other end? At least 5-10 times a game.

Refs won't call fouls cause he's a little whiner.

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 01:11 AM

I've came to some conclusions tonight, after watching the game.

One, we'll seldom beat a team like the Bucks. Why? Because we play absolutely ZERO perimeter defense. The word is out on our team, we get crushed by 3 pointers and Larry Brown WILL NOT make a change to his defense to start guarding out there. Because of this, we're ALWAYS playing from behind. We're making 2's and they are draining 3's. It's statistically hard to compete with that. We have hardly any 3 shooters. Our white guy comes in and can't even make 3's. DJ is decent, Boris is OK, and Jax takes 15 seconds to set up a shot.

Then I see Jax get ejected. Way to come through for your team. If Wallace is out for an extended period of time, and I'm pretty sure he is from that fall, we are going to have to depend on Jax? Not happening. It's seriously time to trade Jax for whatever we can get at this point. The refs hate him, will not call fouls on him, and he's not a good enough shooter to live on that.

And after seeing Wallace this year, I don't know what his deal is, he's either showing age or just doesn't want to play here anymore. I love Wallace, and I love the way he plays and the heart he shows (usually), but we have too many slashers on this team already and he's older than them and more expensive. I think we should try to deal him while we can for someone that can possibly put up more points.

It's time to deal what we can, and let expire what we can after this year. Build on DJ/Thomas/UPS/McGuire, etc.

It's also time to get a new coach. It's obvious Brown doesn't like coaching in game time, and I think we're getting beat by bad coaching pretty often. He's great in practice, or developing players, etc, but it's time to find someone to replace him after this year. We're not going to beat teams playing like he plays. He was successful in Detroit but had some great guys on that team. It's just not going to happen here.

I don't want us to get stuck in a rut, with year after year of mediocrity like our Panthers. I don't think MJ will allow this though.

I agree it is past time to blow this team up, Jax has def. got to go he doesn't know when to shut his mouth and is doing more harm to us than good. I say trade everybody but Gerald Wallace, TT, and D.J. and stock up on either young talent or picks. What is the use in being a 7-8th seed and losing in the 1st round of the playoffs every year? I'm all for doing whatever it takes to make this team a winner for years to come and even if it means trading GW it will hurt but if it is worth it in the long run then so be it. We are going to have a lottery draft pick this year so why not trade some guys and try to improve our position to get a stud, I know the Basketball God's will not smile enough on us for us to get Kyrie Irving or a Beast in the paint like Jared Sullinger but you never know crazier things have happened. Another thing that bugs me is that MJ is reportedly trying to extend LB when LB clearly doesn't even want to be here now. I know he has the Tar Hole loyalty with him but come on...

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 10:58 PM

Nobody on this team is untouchable at this point. (except maybe Tyrus)

Wallace's body is not going to last seasons longer, Jax is mentally not into the game and it's killing whatever potential that this current team could possibly output. We have no go-to shooter/scorer (which almost every team in the NBA has) and we've basically become the Panthers in terms of predictability.

I'd much rather see Larry go before we start blowing the team up, however.