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hank pimple butt

any chance d. will makes the madden cover?

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Micheal turner.... how about that one.

Personally I think pac man will be on the cover. Oh I thought yall were talking about grand theft auto.

Seriously though even though the falcons are our enemy I can't be the only one who doesn't despise them as much now with Vick and Hall gone. They have a pretty fun team to watch with Ryan, White, and Turner. Now the fans on the other hand, fk em

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Absolutely 0!!!

Hell they don't even show him love in the game(still an 89 overall where guys like Clinton Portis and Joseph Addai are in the 90s).

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Considering it's almost always a quarterback.

Big Ben

Matt Ryan

I want DWill though.

your not familiar with the Madden Curse are you, as the saying goes SI is hit and miss but Madden is money.

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Or P.Manning

Peyton Manning and LT have refused to be on the cover of Madden, that's one reason why Farve didn't go on the Cover until he retired, the Madden Curse's latest victim was Vince Young he was on the Cover last year I believe, I think the Only player to recently be on the cover and do pretty good afterward was Ray Lewis.

It's widely known that a lot of the Bigger names that have been approched to be on the Cover have refused to do it because of the Madden curse.

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I don't really care if any of our players make it. It'd be sort of neat, but whatever.

I could see Larry Fitzgerald being on the cover. Chris Johnson from Tennessee could be seen as a likely candidate as well.

Whoever is on the cover doesn't really change the fact that the game is going to make me wanna :puke:

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Anyone here who believes the curse is real should...be put on the cover. Morons.

Hearst 99 cover - missed two season due to injury during his season on the cover.

01 - Eddie George - after appearing on the cover never averaged more then 3.4 yards a carry.

02 - Culpepper - played in eleven turnover proned games before an injury ended his season.

03 - Marshall faulk - Ankle injury limited him to 11 games and his production decreased dramatically he never did reach 1000 yards again after the 02 season.

04 - Right after the release of madden cover boy Vick Broke his league and didn't play a game that season. We know his history now.

05 - Ray Lewis - Suffered an serious hand injury that need surgery after the season and for the only time in his career didn't have an INT.

06 - McNabb - suffered an sports hernia that ended his season.

07 - Alexander - had missed one start in previous 64 games, in the 06 season he missed 6 starts and failed to rush for a 1000 yards for first time in 6 seasons.

08 - Young -Had an injury that limited him and made him miss one game, also had a turnover prone season which ended up with him losing his starting job this past season.

09 - Farve - Lead the league in Interceptions and his team failed to make the playoff's after suffering a late season collapse.

So you say it isn't real, but everyone that has been on the cover since they started putting people on the cover have had something happen to them that season.

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