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We have the players to run the true tampa 2 with Beason in the middle. We will need to upgrade the pass rush though from the front 4 and maybe add a more attacking OLB. It might be interesting to see what Meeks can do with the horses we could supply him vs the D he had in Indy.

I'd take Meeks over Haslett if Fox wants to keep the Tampa 2 scheme. Beason is perfect for this scheme at MLB. If Pep still wants to leave, we can trade him for a chance to draft Peria Jerry/DT/Ole Miss, who would be a perfect fit for this scheme on the DL, and a good complement to Kemo. Charles Johnson and Hillee Taylor could excel in this scheme also. If we could get an OLB that attacks, like you said, this defense has the potential to be tough again.

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....like a rolling snowball....

Watch this:

Did you know Beason is perfect for the 46 defense? Like a clone of Singletary!

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was meeks part of freenys record breaking sack record? peppers wants to see his true potential? i'm pretty sure the sack record is whats on peppers mind and who is better to take him there than someone that led the way for the current record breaker?

hell we could franchise peppers and force him to play and watch him pull a Lance Briggs and be all happy.

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