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Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson letter to PSL owners: A good first step

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(By Scott Fowler, [email protected]) For many months, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has not communicated to the team's fans at all, except apparently through the occasional random phone call placed to a fan who wrote a letter of complaint and e-mailed it to the Panthers' website.p/That has now changed. Richardson has written a letter that has been sent to all permanent-seat license owners.


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Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson recently sent out letters to Panthers PSL (Permanent Seat License) holders.

Here’s what Richardson wrote:

I know how difficult the season has been for you. As the person ultimately responsible for putting a team on the field, I take full responsibility for our shortfalls. It is agonizing that we have not performed at the level we had planned for and expected.

When the season began, we believed there was every opportunity for success. Many of the players were returning from a team that had finished last year very strong. The motivation for this approach was both performance-based and a commitment to the future. Obviously we have fallen short, but our faith and commitment are still the same.

Going forward, our plan of attack is to build through the draft while retaining our core players. We have one of the youngest teams in the League, and a number of those younger players have shown genuine promise in this otherwise disappointing season. We won’t give up on them. We also have a solid nucleus of veterans that we will seek to keep intact.

I want all of you to know that we plan to look at every aspect of our organization. What we do in the future will entirely be geared toward putting the best possible team on the field. I am committed to fielding a winning team, and I’m willing to invest the resources necessary to make it happen.

Allow me to raise another personal issue. Much has been made of my reluctance to address the play of the team in the media. Throughout the history of the franchise, I have rarely done in-season interviews. It’s just not my style. In my opinion, comments from ownership during the season are a distraction, and I do not want my comments to interfere in any way with the performance on the field.

This year is further complicated with the uncertainty regarding Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Let me be clear: A successful CBA is critical in sustaining the competitive balance of the NFL. We’re all in this together, and what is good for football is good for the continued success of each and every team. It’s important for us to reach an agreement that benefits the fans, players, and teams. I want the players paid fairly, and I want us to play winning and exciting football.

I understand that in a season like this, words can sound hollow, but, as PSL Owners, you have my commitment to provide you a team that will make you proud. With three NFC championship game appearances, we have come close. I can assure you we will be aggressive in getting there again.

Thank you for your patience and support in a very challenging time.


Jerry Richardson


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" I'm willing to invest the resources necessary to make it happen, except this year."

there we go.

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"Going forward, our plan of attack is to build through the draft while retaining our core players"

That scares me. When you have a talented winning team, you can build through the draft. When you have the worst team in the NFL, you need to do more than build through the draft if you want a winning team the following season. I'm now worried that JR has no intention of buying up the FAs we need to improve from the laughing stock of the NFL, to a competitive team. The draft is hit and miss, and we have no 2nd round pick. How much can the draft actually improve this team for next season?

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So if he is willing to spend the resources we will know february 2nd when we see what kind of coach we get. A guy like Cowher, Gruden or even Harbaugh who wants big money or a cheap coordinator like Grimm.

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