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Andrew Luck News & Updates

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I'm going to be so disappointed if Luck doesn't declare (or if he does and we don't take him.)

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What do you guys think of trying to bring in Carson Palmer when the Bengals split ways with him? He's only a couple years removed from being considered one of the best QB's in the league. He needs a change of scenery, and so do we!

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I vote to sticky this. Great idea.

Done. But it still won't stop some from thinking "But MY Luck opinion is so important, it needs it's own thread!"

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So is there a comparable QB report to what people are giving out about Luck?

i haven't seen one yet. that doesn't mean that they aren't out there, but so far...i just can't find any other reports for players that don't at least point out some negatives. it seems they have to reach for them more with luck than other players. some of it has to do with an awkward throwing motion he has sometimes. a couple criticisms are mechanical things but all of them say it is things that could be worked out easily and really aren't that much of a concern. outside of the professional scouts and analysts some criticize his competition, but i don't see much more than that.

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Andrew Luck Con's

The biggest issue with Luck is that he has one of the weirdest throwing motions in college football because it is one part beautiful and one part hideous. And this is not about his occasional tendency to somewhat sidearm the ball—I actually don’t mind that.

Luck has an occasional wind-up in his throwing motion that causes him to drop the ball beneath his waist before he throws the ball.

His wind-up is so weird because unlike say, The Golden Calf of Bristol, Luck’s wind-up adds no momentum to the ball and is in many ways completely separate from his actual throwing motion.

Also unlike The Golden Calf of Bristol, Luck doesn’t always have a wind-up. It's like he winds the ball around and then brings the ball into a normal throwing motion and lets it fly. Luck has to learn to just cock the ball without throwing in a wind-up beforehand in all situations.

Luck also has a slight tendency to float balls when throwing 15-yard outs, digs and back shoulder fades. It’s not that Luck lacks the throwing motion to put the ball on more of a rope, but it’s that he is aiming it. If he does that in the pros more often than not, those balls will be batted down or worse intercepted.

IMO, the biggest fear that luck should have is over confidence. When he gets drafted, he will not be playing Arizona state or Oregon. If all these can't fail press clippings get to his head, life will be rough for him. As we have seen with Clausen, the average NFL fan will give him maybe a couple of games before they turn on him.

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If we don't get an offensive friendly coach, or a staff that knows how to develop a QB, I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of disappointed Panther fans a year from now.

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What do you guys think of trying to bring in Carson Palmer when the Bengals split ways with him? He's only a couple years removed from being considered one of the best QB's in the league. He needs a change of scenery, and so do we!

instead of luck? nope. trading for him? nope. only way i take palmer is as a mentor to luck. most likely he would be far too expensive an option.

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i saw this recently...


"He's the best player, the most valuable player on maybe the best team in the country. He's thrown for (a record) 28 touchdowns. That's incredible when you think about all the quarterbacks that have played at Stanford. He's really done it all. He plays on one of the best offenses in the country. He's done everything a guy can do in a season. It's tough to make a case for anyone other than Andrew Luck. I feel Andrew's head and shoulders above them all."

-- Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh following the team's 38-0 win over Oregon State in the final regular season game.

"Luck is advanced in terms of poise and pocket presence, especially surprising for a redshirt sophomore. He has all the physical tools, yes, but he also has everything above the shoulders an NFL quarterback must possess. He goes through his progressions, moves defenders with his eyes and makes great decisions. He also has been in Stanford's pro-style offense for three years, making him more prepared than most college quarterbacks to enter the NFL. He is reminiscent of the Colts' Peyton Manning and the Falcons' Matt Ryan when they entered the league."

-- Sporting News in its Draft Preview

“Andrew is a very talented young man. He is so accurate with his throws. He has good passing techniques, and he is so smart throwing the ball down field. That is such a huge element of playing the position. Andrew can make all the throws necessary to be a really top-flight quarterback in college and in the pros. I was extremely impressed with him. Andrew came here to the camp as a high school quarterback about four or five years ago and you can see he is much stronger, and he has a chance to be a real special football player.”

-- Former NFL Quarterback Archie Manning and father of NFL signal callers Peyton and Eli Manning

“College football hasn’t produced a quarterback this polished, this ready for the next level at such an early point in his career in a long, long time.” -- Sporting News

“He is the best player I have ever been around.”

-- Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

“It’s the combination of things that make Luck so good: a quick release, field vision, smart decision making and, as much as anything, an ability not to be overwhelmed by the moment. He’s 6-4, 235 and plays with the confidence of someone who knows he’s better than you—and wants to prove it.”

-- Sporting News

“Andrew is the finest football player I’ve ever been around and he’s one of the finest people I’ve ever been around.”

-- Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

“There’s a lot to like about him—from the NFL system he plays in to his ability to read defenses and find the second the third progression targets. He has a strong arm, he’s a smart kid and the pressure to perform doesn’t intimidate him. He picked up on Harbaugh’s offense quickly and played with little flaws as a freshman. Just a tremendous amount of upside-more than anyone else in the college game.” -- Anonymous NFL scout as told to Sporting News

“Luck should be one of the best QBs in the country and eventually give Stanford their NFL-record 4th #1 overall QB.” -- Phil Steele

“Standing out by blending in, Luck has finally given everyone at Stanford a reason to cheer. The university’s best quarterback prospect since John Elway, Luck is a former high school co-valedictorian and a potential top pick in the

-- NFL Draft.” Peter Thamel, New York Times

“He’s the anti-celebrity quarterback. He’s got a beautiful blend of confidence and humility.”

-- Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh

"Luck wasn't lucky, he was good. Even in the face of pressue, and the Trojans gave a good pass rush at times, he made plays. He was hit often after delivering passes and it's almost as if he enjoys the contact."

-- Los Angeles Daily News following his come from behind win over USC

"The more we see of Luck, the more impressive he becomes... He looked poised and confident in the pocket and showed great accuracy, througout the game. Nearly every pass he threw was on target."

-- Sportingnews.com

"He's a great guy, really down to earth, really funny guy. I really enjoyed spending time with him, getting to know him....I think he's really talented, really disciplined. He's a very productive quarterback."

-- Washington Quarterback Jake Locker in the Seattle Times

"He's got the arm... He has the athleticism and he also has the moxy."

-- Former Heisman Trophy Winner Gino Torretta

"It’s always been a quarterback school. Way back, there was Frankie Albert, and later John Brodi. Along came Jim Plunett to win a Heisman. Then John Elway on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Now Stanford has Andrew Luck."

– Art Spander, Bay Area Journalist Since 1960

“Best player in the country. Best player. Pinpoint accuracy. Long drives. Broke off a big run, with that deceptive speed. Wasn’t it obvious?”

-- Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, following Stanford’s 48-14 victory over California

"... they have a quarterback – Andrew Luck – who might be the best player in college football, let alone the best quarterback."

-- The Oregonian

“I just got done watching the Arizona State game (a 17-13 Stanford win) and he made some throws where he was on his knees, throwing a 40-yard strike down the field. That’s impressive... He’s an animal out there. I think he’s the No. 1 player in the country. We’re going to have our hands full.’’

-- Oregon State cornerback James Dockery

-- What Opposing Coaches are Saying --

“I think he is the top quarterback in the country. He can beat you in every different way. He's a special player. He makes it difficult to defend. There's not one weakness to defend against.”

-- Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly on the Jim Rome Show

"Their quarterback is the best in the country."

-- Arizona State Head Coach Dennis Erickson on ESPN.com

“But he’s got it all. He’s the one guy that’s got obviously the great arm strength, but a really nice touch. He’s a big guy, he’s tall, so he sees everything. He’s really physical. He’s a great runner with the football... He just makes plays and is smart and you very rarely ever see a mistake made... He’s just special.”

-- Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe

“He was definitely as advertised. He was terrific. That quarterback is going to be a top guy. He is a remarkable player.”

-- UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel

“He’s a terrific athlete, a great passer with plenty of weapons to throw the ball to, and sometimes they will call plays for him just to run. Jim will even use him as a lead blocker at times.’’

-- Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

"He is probably the best quarterback in the country in my opinion... He can do it all."

-- Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford

“The thing that really got my attention is his ability to run. I think he had a 50 something yard run for a touchdown (against Wake Forest). So his ability, his escapability, I didn’t know what it was. I now know what it is. The guy is extremely athletic, as well, and he can run. So he brings a big dimension to the table and not just throwing the football.”

-- Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly

-- What Teammates are Saying --

"He’s amazing. He’s the greatest player I have ever seen."

– Stepfan Taylor, Stanford running back

“We knew something special was going to happen. We have Andrew Luck on our side.”

-- Doug Baldwin, Stanford wide receiver

“He’s always on point but he has taken his leadership skills to another level. He’s constantly studying the next opponent and always trying to improve his skills. I think that’s what great leaders do – they are always trying to improve their skills and make the people around them better.”

-- Chris Owusu, Stanford wide receiver


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