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Real Men of Genius -DrewBreesIsGod

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BlanksKarma    131

This thread just wow. 


Yo Pat, there's a reason you don't have a woman and your only interaction with living things is your dog Mr. Peanut butter Lips.


PS-Did get the question right Philly?

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Floppin    5,443

I guess to poor people they might look like Sketchers shape ups because they are Swiss Brand MBT Chapa GTX GoreTEX shoes Sketecher ripped their design from. Sketchers copied their Barefoot Mosai technology and sell it for a third the price so that the poor like you can have a shoe like that. It's was actually a joke pic making fun of a poor guy on IG that posts a bunch of pics with cash. Thank god I didn't use a pair of my Christian Louboutin's in pic, people here would have gone crazy trying to figure out what they are. Well gee Phil, I can't say I saw any shoe that looks like that on my last trip to Wal Mart, what can it be?



Jesus, Alice.....just....dude......I don't even know what to say anymore.  You need some serious help. 

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88 Bronco    1,303

i'm disappointed.  i was really expecting a point by point breakdown of his rig.


He's on the phone with Dell learning about how awesome his Alienware pc really is so he can post a 5000 word essay about it.

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PhillyB    40,347

What's the matter Fraudulent Phil, didnt like my selling points for your failed book that will never publish unless you self publish or pay for publishing? He insulted my masterpiece, must deep google search some more, search search,, search, make meme, search, post pic make comments, search search, make another meme...,,yeah I get down on Saturday nights! Ain't no part like a creepy stalker deeply google party because the google search party never ends! As least give me some likes if your going to vist, FRAUDULANT PHIL WORLD TRAVELER EXTRAORDINAIRE.

BTW, tighten up your stalker skills, that purple animal thing isn't mine, it clearly says the owners name Aman Mehan. Even if it wasn't obvious I'm not Indian, you now my first name isn't Aman. FAIL.


fraud? lol your claims of fraud are that my blog posts stop in 2010. if you care to do the sort of tremendous research you are capable of to prove your own fragile sense of self-worth as valid, then it shouldn't be a problem for you to browse the lounge forum through the carolina huddle dot com's awesome search feature and find the last two and a half years worth of journeys not catalogued on my old blog (you could also find them integrated into my facebook, but i won't accept your creepy friend request because you'll probably squeeze your doodle to pictures of my wife)


all that aside, here's the interesting thing. when i go to your instagram i see that the vast majority of your content has little to do with yourself, but is instead focused around exposing a guy named lavish, or something like that. you have dozens of pictures exposing some guy that you know through some network, and the number one thing that you are crowing about exposing him for is for being extremely vocal about his wealth and making fun of him for how he thinks it validates his own fragile sense of self worth.


have you ever noticed, alejandro, that the things that often unsettle you the most temperamentally are a window into your own soul? perhaps there is a reason your rage has settled so lustily upon the follies of mister lavish: because his follies are your own, and because your attacks on him are not an attack on him, but on the things which your inner soul despises about yourself, wretches uncontrollably upon recognizing.


here i would like to quote the rapper scarface:



I got this killa up inside of me

I can't talk to my mother so I talk to my diary

I'm goin' off on the deep end

I found myself face to face with myself while I'm sleepin'

I see your picture in my head and my hand shake

You can run, you can hide, but there's no escape

My inner feelings show no mercy on my enemy

I got to get this mutherfuger fore he gets to me

So in your own blood you'll bathe

And I won't stop until I put this mutherfuger in his fugin' grave





basically scarface is rapping about this dude that he's trying to kill but he realizes that the killer is himself, and it's really deep and poo and pretty astounding epistemologically and speaks to the core of our own mind's ability to fool itself. this rap reminds me of you alejandro, and every time i hear it i shed tears for you, and i pour my first drop of beer into the earth as an offering to the incan god pachamama as is tradition, in thanks for her abundance and for the blessing for not being the human version of the goodyear blimp, and i pray to the shrines of joseph luft and harrington ingram that you may gaze deeply into johari's window and one day see your own face


gl dude you need it

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