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Well when I click on "US list of weeds" on the site of United States Dept of Agriculture and see Bermudagrass listed there, seems pretty straightforward.



Ok, you dumb pieceofshit, I'm going to help you out one last time. And this time I'm going to use fuging pictures, since you can't read, apparently.


So here's the header for the list from your link.post-5141-0-42929400-1370031138_thumb.jp


So now we scroll down to Bermuda grass and look at this partpost-5141-0-26057400-1370031371_thumb.jp


So now we click on this link.  Which brings us to the "State Noxious Weeds List" and here's a fuging clue "Noxious Weeds isn't some upper class designation, it's the only list that Bermuda Grass is included in, but bear with me, I'm going to show you.


So at that Top of the Page, here's the column headers.




now we scroll down to Bermuda Grass




But wait, there's more. If you click on the National and State weed page.


Here's the header for it.








Ohh and in case you were wondering what those NW and CW letters mean, for it's state designation (this was another part you were missing) It's the way the state designates them, and why they are on this weed list. Here's an image from the bottom of the page. They put poo like this here so that you can understand what you're looking at - I know it's a foreign concept for you.



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Actually since you brought up the Family name bermudagrass falls in, maybe you're dumb enough to think their is a scientific family or genus name for all weeds? There isn't in case that's what your thinking.

You said only 3 states consider it a weed, yet I go to your state universities site that isn't one of those 3 states and big surprise they say "AS A WEED". Pretty black and white that makes your statement wrong, or are you actually smarter than university too and they got it wrong? I give up, you're not going to admit you were wrong and try to hang on to some semantic type argument that is nonexistent.

Look up one post, retard.

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The argument the entire time was whether the USDA classified it as a weed, and further on, whether it was a weed in general. It's a fuging Grass/turf cover. Even that fuging NC State Link said as much, you ignorant fat boy. The part concerning "as a weed" was referencing how to deal with Bermudagrass when treating it as a weed - IE when you want to rid yourself of it. 

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Please just stop. If you can't grasp the concept that noxious weeds is a higher grade of the invasiveness of the weed by those 3 states and doesn't mean that it isn't a weed if its not a noxious weed, this why its on the USDA list of US weeds and was called a weed on NCState site. That's all I got to say, we can agree to disagree otherwise.

Its on that lust because those three states classify it as a noxious weed. There's literally no other reason. That's why they are listed under source. Source meaning WHY THEY ON THE LIST AT ALL

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Exactly what it says on USDA site under description of Bermudagrass:

U.S. Weed Information:

Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.


chiendent pied-de-poule




motie molulu



This plant and the related entity italicized and indented above can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below. This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. Click on an acronym to view each weed list, or click here for a composite list of Weeds of the U.S.

To me that reads that Bermudagrass is a weed and you see specific info by different name on their "composite list of WEEDS OF THE US".

If you read it different, good for you, agree to disagree.

It reads that way to you because apparently you have terrible reading comprehension.

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I've taken a yearly summer vacation with my family every year since age five with exception of 2 years. Most of the times, like our trip to Paris next month, we will be meeting up with my uncles and aunts and cousins. All the cousins are my age so we usually separate during the day and get back together for dinner. I usually bring my girlfriend to international vacations, but also have friend only guy vacations such as Dubai last year or Ibiza two years earlier, although most of my friends are professionals and cant get away for many days so we usually go to Vegas, or NYC, or one of our condos in Florida.

aaaaaand the truth comes out. thirty trips abroad and all of them are with mommy and daddy, flapping your vanilla flavor roll in the kiddie pool and slurping virgin miami vices from the cabana boy and ogling middle-aged women. bravo, you pudgy milquetoast, you've never done a thing in your swaddled goddamn life that matters, to the point where you're reduced to crowing over pwning avatars over the nuances of bermuda grass (and you got that one wrong too.)

you're a farce. also no one believes you have a girlfriend unless you post a picture of yourself with her.

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Fatass loves to tell his life stories on the huddle. This is not facebook! Pat.. I feel bad for you. and I feel sorry for your so called fiance. I wanna see a pic of her hot FAT ass.. common man brag about your so called pussy you so called get. and another thing.. go fugg yerself.

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I'm a farce because I vacation with my family every year? I've been traveling abroad since age 5, you're first time leaving the country was 3 years ago to go visit 21 countries of which 17-18 are 3rd world countries most people wouldn't even want to go to. I read some of your travel blogs and you talk bout trading farm labor in rice paddies for a place to stay and staying in stinky hostels where you get a cot for a few bucks. Most people would travel to Europe or Caribbean or some other very nice place to get some rest, relaxation, take in sites, see historical sites, work of art, etc. Who wants to go to the asshole of Asia to do hard labor with a bunch of poor people in exchange for a mud floor hut? I might not have visited as many countries when it was just me and my friends, but I definitely spent more on just my trip to Dubai than you did on all your traveling put together. And we do many things other than sit at hotel, in Dubai we rented Dune Buggies and drove out to a bedouin camp in the middle of the dessert where they had traditional food, music, belly dancing, camels, etc. We also took in a famous plate auction at the Berj, then went powerboat racing. In Cost Rica we did river rapids, we camped a week under Volcan Arenal and got to see it exploding every night glowing red, we did scuba diving right off the coast.. In contrast, your wal-mart on the cheap vacation I'm sure involved a lot of walking, sweating, talking to poor and very little actual fun experiences. Lol, you didn't even take you first trip out the country till 3 years ago but call yourself " nomadic vagabond", you're the Farce!


This post exemplifies perfectly everything that is wrong with you. The best part is that you don't realize why. 


You're a completely sad individual, and I'm honestly starting to feel bad for bashing you. I really hope, and I'm being completely honest here, that you find a true piece of self-worth before you die. 

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