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Why Did Fox Move To Tampa Defenses

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Naw not some. We ran both cover 2 and 3. Yes cover 3 more than 2. And we didnt blitz a lot, yall already know that. Rarely no linebacker blitzed when Pep(who mainly did it) dropped back. Check the N.Y game. Not gonna say never did, that would be wrong, cause we did. Not a lot

The NY game is a bad example because we didnt have our DTs and that limited us to what we could do. Really it tied both hands behind our back if you really want to know the truth.:( I watched most of the games over last year and when we dropped Peppers or Brayton back in a zone we were blitzing our LBs. Classic zone blitz right there and we did it all season long. Really we didnt run much cover 2 if you had a chance to look over the game because of Godfrey. We did start to do it more in the second half and thats why we saw more blown coverages. We blitzed alot last season but it was at the wrong times and sometimes it looked sloppy. That dose not mean we didnt do it though. :lol:

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