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# 1 Draft pick status

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MHS831    4,859

If we beat the Cardinals, we still could beat Atlanta like we did New Orleans reserves last season. If Atlanta beats New Orleans at home, they could have home field wrapped up at 13-2. I would say that Cincinnati has the best chance of picking first. However, if they beat Cleveland at home next week, we would be the favorites.

Jake would love to spoil the Luck party. I would guess that Cincy is favored by 2-3 points next week. I hope it then turns cold for San Deigo,

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Seamonk    216

With the 4pm still in progress, I've calculated a tentative Strength of Schedule for Cincy and Carolina

Cincy: .577

Caroilna: .588

Carolina has more team on its schedule still playing than Cincy as of right now though.

Cincy has 3 games including a huge one Monday night stilling to be played that can affect SoS.

Rooting Guide:

Go SD, NE, Baltimore.

Even though we've played Baltimore too, Cincy played them twice since they're in their division so they get hit twice with every division game.

However NO is up big on STL. Even though both teams are on our schedule, NO is a division opponent so we still get affected.

Rooting Guide

Go Minn, STL, NE, Denver.

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