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Week 15 Updated SoS and Rooting Guide to Top Pick

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Updated SoS post Monday Night Games:

Cincy: .587

Carolina: .591

I'll post an excel file on google doc Wednesday night so people can track it themselves with a guide. After Wednesday I'm gonna be out of the country on Holiday so whoever else wants to use it and do it every week can.

I'd have to say, Even if the Bengals lose against the Browns, it'll count as 2 wins against their strength of schedule since they face the browns twice making the browns a "harder" team in terms of record.

Week 15 Rooting Guide:


[email protected]SD

Reason: SD Appears on their schedule. SF on ours. SD win means our SoS gets weaker and theirs stronger.



[email protected]

Reason: Wash. Both appear on their schedule once. Neither on ours.


We don't play Detroit. We do play Tampa. Tampa win would count against us twice since they're a division opp. Doesn't affect Cincy


I'll leave this up for debate. We CAN win this with Cincy still losing. We only play ARI once and it'll lower our SoS slightly since it'll add a loss to our schedule as well and Cincy losing would increase their SoS since it's a division opponent. However, standings come first and Leaving draft position up to a constantly changing Tiebreaker is risky.

[email protected]BAL

BAL win gives us 1 win (BAL) and 2 Losses (NO), and 2 wins and 1 loss for Cincy.

[email protected]IND

Indy only appears on Cincy's schedule.


Giants were on our schedule. Not Philly.

[email protected]CIN

Even though a CLE win would strengthen their SoS. SoS is only a tiebreaker. Standings come first.

[email protected]

Wash. Neither affects.

[email protected]

Wash. Neither affects.


We play STL. Neither team played KC. STL loss helps us more.


[email protected]SEA

Would only add 1 win and 2 loss, vs 2 wins 1 loss. Only affects us.

[email protected]PIT

See Above. Only affects Cincy

[email protected]

Wash. Affects neither.


[email protected]NE

NE on their schedule. Neither on ours.


[email protected]MIN

Only affects us.

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As of 12/21, here is the order

1 Carolina 2-12 .571

2 Denver 3-11 .518

3 Cincinnati 3-11 .585

4 Arizona 4-10 .460

5 Detroit 4-10 .545

6 Buffalo 4-10 .580

7 San Francisco 5-9 .487

8 Dallas 5-9 .518

9 Washington 5-9 .518

10/11F Houston 5-9 .536

10/11F Minnesota 5-9 .536

dont worry about cincy

Denver is the problem

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they will trade the pick to someone like Washington.

which we could easily do also and pick up Mallet and other picks as long as we are first.

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do u really think denver will draft andrew luck first tho?

New regime, you can never put it out of the realm of possibility.

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