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depending on the coaching staff, we should probably move, cut, trade some guys that happen not to fit our scheme.

if we run the 4-3 again, then folks like E Brown and Norwood should go to another team. Norwood might stick due to special teams utilization, but no use paying Brown.

I would say trade him to the Ravens who seemingly wasted a pick on Sergio Kindle. Bad neck and now bad character issues.

the other third comes from Peppers compensatory pick

think we could get a 3rd for him so he could play OLB in a 3-4 which is where he is better suited?

If so, that would give us 3 third rounders this year.

the one i hate the most but the one that makes the most sense is trading D Williams to Green Bay for a third also, giving us 4 third rounders.

This would certainly help solidify some areas and also give us ammo to move up into the second if need be

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We paid too much for Brown to trade him and Norwood will need time to bulk up.

Norwood would probably be better in a 3-4 but he needs time to adjust. I think they were planing to use him like a 3-4 backer anyway when we go to over/under schemes.

We just need some freaking defensive tackles so the QB can't step up in the pocket.

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Sticking with mistakes is part of the problem.

I agree we paid too much for Brown, especially if he never sees the field.

just thought it better to turn a 2nd round mistake that never gets on the field into a third rounder who might have a chance.

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