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Redundant but Necessary; If not Luck, than Newton

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Cam Newton, QB Auburn

6-6, 250 lbs.

Pro Comparison: Michael Vick/Ben Rothlisberger

If Luck doesn’t come out, we still need to get a quarterback.

I know everyone is tired of hearing about Cam Newton, but here me out.

First off, let’s take a look at our current quarterback situation. No full time quarterback has a better quarterback rating of 60.1 which belongs to Tony Pike. No quarterback has a better completion percentage of 55.2 which belongs to Matt Moore. No quarterback has averaged more than 150 yards per game which belongs to Brian St. Pierre. No quarterback has thrown more touchdowns than interceptions. And finally, no quarterback has thrown for more than 1,500 yards this season.

The Panthers are in dire needs of a quarterback, and whether or not Andrew Luck comes out should not influence the decision of the Panthers to draft a quarterback.

Cam Newton is the next best option and while he does not have all of the NFL hype that Luck has, he is still the most dynamic, athletic, and exciting player in the NCAA. Newton. Cam Newton’s career stats our off the charts as he has a career quarterback rating of 126.9. He has thrown for 2,643 yards and 28 touchdowns, followed by 1,162 rushing yards for 23 touchdowns. Just to show you how athletic this kid is he has also tallied defensive stats, receiving stats (including a touchdown reception), and punting stats.

Now many are making the excuse that Cam Newton won’t be able to do this on the NFL level because the SEC is no where near the competition that the NFL is. Now there is some truth to this, but at least 15 defensive players from the SEC are projected to be off the boards by the end of the third round and not only that but here are the following rankings of Total Defense by each SEC Team and how Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers faired against them

105th- Arkansas State (Auburn wins 52-26) Cam Newton: 9/14, 186 yards, 3 touchdowns, Rushing Stats: 15 carries, 171 yards, 2 touchdowns.

52nd- Mississippi State (Auburn wins 17-14) Cam Newton: 11/19, 136 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, Rushing Stats: 18 carries, 70 yards, Receiving Stats: 1 reception, 22 yards.

23rd- Clemson (Auburn wins 27-24 OT) Cam Newton: 7/14, 203 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. Rushing Stats: 17 carries, 68 yards.

51st- South Carolina (Auburn wins 35-27) Cam Newton: 16/21, 158 yards, 2 touchdowns, Rushing Stats: 25 carries, 176 yards, 3 touchdowns.

67th- Louisiana- Monroe (Auburn wins 52-3) Cam Newton: 14/19, 245 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception, Rushing Stats: 1 carry, -11 yards, Punting Stats: 1 punt, 22 yards.

49th- Kentucky (Auburn wins 37-34) Cam Newton: 13/21, 210 yards, 1 interception, Rushing Stats: 28 carries, 198 yards, 4 touchdowns.

33rd- Arkansas (Auburn wins 65-43) Cam Newton: 10/14, 140 yards, 1 touchdown, Rushing Stats: 25 carries, 188 yards, 3 touchdowns.

8th- LSU (Auburn wins 24-17) Cam Newton: 10/16, 86 yards, Rushing Stats: 28 carries, 217 yards, 2 touchdowns.

80th- Mississippi (Auburn wins 51-31) Cam Newton: 18/24, 209 yards, 2 touchdowns, Rushing Stats: 11 carries, 45 yards, Receiving Stats: 1 reception, 20 yards, 1 touchdown.

NA- Chattanooga (Auburn wins 62-24) Cam Newton: 15/21, 317 yards, 4 touchdowns, Rushing Stats: 8 carries, 24 yards, 1 touchdown.

30th- Georgia (Auburn wins 49-31) Cam Newton: 12/15, 148 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception, Rushing Stats: 30 carries, 151 yards, 2 touchdowns.

6th- Alabama (Auburn wins 28-27) Cam Newton: 13/20, 216 yards, 3 touchdowns, Rushing Stats: 22 carries, 39 yards, 1 touchdown.

51st- South Carolina (Auburn wins 56-17) Cam Newton: 17/28, 335 yards, 4 touchdowns, Rushing Stats: 14 carries, 73 yards, 2 touchdowns.

The point is that Cam can play against good defensive teams and he has shown it. If Luck doesn’t come out the Panthers need to take Newton not as a consolation prize but as a franchise quarterback. Newton and Luck will both have very successful NFL careers and hopefully at least one of them will be with the Carolina Panthers.

No. The last thing needed is some gimick QB running around trying to play QB while sucking (see Jamarcus Russell).

The best QB's are still the guys that stand in the pocket and deliver, not one hit College wonders.

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JaMarcus never had the drive to be an NFL quarterback see Dwayne Jarrett spectacular NCAA player, but showed no drive and was only interested in partying and getting dui's.

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He's worth a look but not at #1. If we end up trading down, which I'm very in favor of if Luck doesn't declare for the draft, then I would be interested in looking at Cam Newton a little closer. But right now it's Luck or bust.

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Newt is a lot more Rothlisberger than he is Vick.

He could be a player.

Not as polished as Luck, but more athletic and maybe more upside.

i second this.

if no luck, then newton for the same reason.

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So what if Luck and Newton don't declare.....and no team really wants to give us anything for the pick. Then what? Trade Smitty and go Green #1?

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