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Question concerning Peppers/Johson debate

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Captain Obvious    3,392

don't forget that Peppers takes many plays off while on the field during a game, I haven't seen Johnson "lil Peppers" dogging it. So the playing time numbers will be skewed anyway.

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mwright350    593

Meh - why is it even a debate.

Peppers is a physical freak with (no matter what he or anyone else says) motivation problems.

Johnson is less a physical freak but without said motivation issues.

The sum of the parts is very similar.

Also Peppers no longer plays for Carolina.


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Cat'sGrowl    1

Poster "I have this idea, but I will not look it up" "Here is idea XXXXXX, it is a good idea and probably fact"

Forum: "Here are some facts that disprove your idea, it was a (decent -> Horrible) idea, thanks for posting"

Poster: "I still like my idea, so I will ignore your facts and reach for excuses and say silly statments till my thread dies so I can think I won and keep my idea"

You better deposit some more Pie in my account after I finish giving it out to all your posts in this thread.

Mod-ership privileges ftw.

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rmoneyg35    377

You got to also realize that Peppers is double teamed, but Johnson has hardly no help on the line. Hayden Sucks, Johnson sucks, Landri is good in pass rushing situations but honestly he is probably a #3 DT on any other team. Hardy and Brown are pretty good at getting to the Qb but Brayton is more of a run stopping DE which doesn't help CJ any. Peppers has a lot more help and depth with Chicago.

Peppers is a better athlete and has a great ability to defend passes, get interceptions, and drop back into coverage like a linebacker. I think Peppers has more speed and is 6'7 compared to CJ being 6'2. I do however believe that Charles Johnson is stronger than Peppers and plays harder than Peppers. Peppers has been known to take plays off and not even show up in games where as CJ plays hard every game. Brian Urlacher has said that Peppers is the defensive MVP on the team, I guess you could say the same about CJ on our team.

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Davidson Deac II    4,374

I didn't realize there was a Peppers/Johnson debate. Peppers is one of the best defensive ends in the league. He does a lot of things, forces fumbles, get's int's, is a threat to block a kick, etc... Johson is good as well. Not as good as peppers but far and away a better value than Peppers due to Peppers cost.

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