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Rate your Cell phone

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Silver samsung Alias. I bought it in May. For someone who doesn't need all that PDA crap integrated in their phone or can't afford it like I can't, the Alias is a great option.

My favorite feature, which was also a big reason I bought the phone, is the double flip. Flip it to the side and I can text as fast as the next person. I hated the standard dial pad way of texting. Before this you had to do that crap with mashing those damn buttons that accounted for 3 letters each.

Camcorder is a cool feature. you can actually record something and set it up as your wallpaper.

My only gripe about the phone is that it doesn't have a good camera. You can't zoom with it.


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I'm looking at getting rid of my nextel and moving over to alltel. Anybody have the Blackberry Pearl??

Do you like it ? Is it worth the added service?

Alltel will sell me one for 19.99 and let me put it on the family plan with my wife and kids for 10 bucks a month

if you're into multimedia messaging, alltel's version would not allow you to send anything but text messages. other than that, it's one of the best phones you can get once you get used to it. but you do need a data plan, but the benefit to that is everyone on the family plan gets unlimited messaging. everyone wins. personally, i like the touch pro or the new palm, but you can't go wrong with the pearl.

speaking of the htc touch pro, does anyone have that phone?

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