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Denver Post Article!

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So we shouldn't trade the #1 pick? Ok...that's easy.

And we should hire an assistant coach? Wow....Now talk about a bold move and a bold statement--WOW!

Now, WHY we would want to use him as an 'example' is beyond me. His record is 119-137 since they founded the team. Yeah. Let's take HIS advice...he sure does know how to build a winner. He has presided over a ONE win season, a TWO win season, and a FOUR win season.

What in the heck is this article supposed to be about? From where I sit, this guy doesn't have a clue how to run a football team.

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Yeah, why was that written? Where was the speculation on how they are going to get the #1 pick from us? Not that they even need it, unless they are eyeing somebody else other than Luck. I think Elway was at the Orange Bowl for Harbaugh. Seems like it was really just taking a shot at JR. Not that for his pie chart he doesn't deserve a little poo. But what was the point?

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It amazes me the lengths other cities will go to to talk poo.

Because letting Hillis go to the Browns for a hand-job and a ham sandwich really screamed I want to win gaiz!

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From another article at that site http://blogs.denverpost.com/broncos/2011/01/04/the-broncos-holy-trinity-elway-harbaugh-luck/6314/:

If Luck wants to be competitively challenged next season, he will skip his final two years of college eligibility and join the NFL, where he would become the most obvious No. 1 overall draft choice since perhaps Elway in 1983. The No. 1 overall draft pick, held by the Carolina Panthers, is so tantalyzingly close to No. 2.

If Elway can recruit Harbaugh, could Luck pull an Elway-Eli and refuse to play for Carolina?

Stay classy, Denver.

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