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Good for Luck

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Posted 06 January 2011 - 11:36 PM

It was his best decision because it was the one that he made. Regardless of what could have been or what was the reasoning behind that decision, it was his to make.

I totally understand where you are coming from.. but sometimes we can get too sensational with this stuff.. the kid flat out isn't benefiting himself in any way by staying in school.

now we can glorify "his" decision to go back to school, but in the end, he's not doing himself any favors and only makes for a great movie where he and all his teammates win the championship in the end.. (but he can't, cause they are leaving, and most likely, so is his coach and the entire coaching staff)

again, I get it.. it's his decision, and only his to make. and because of that, no one can tell him different.. but the discussion will still exist on why it's such a bad idea for him to make that decision..

Go back and read my post before yours and I will say something similar here also. Saying "I want to finish and get my degree" is a nice way to say.... "college is alot of fun, I love being the king on campus, and you only get to have this life experience onces so I am staying". Its not really or much about getting the degree.

I am not saying I agree with him and am definately more dissapointed not in the decision but because more on how it affected the Panthers.

I agree with the point you're making..

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Posted 07 January 2011 - 12:49 AM

how about this.

a QB with a promsing career and a likely guaranteed contract that will be around $30-50mil at least ahead of him opted to stay in college for another year and play for free in a program that will be losing its coach (responsible for much of its success) and its Oline (responsible for his staying upright and giving him holes to run through and time to throw). his production could very well fall off .

Wait a second there mr lucky boy, you said this guys pretty much had no flaws and was the best prospect since Manning, so why would his production fall off if he's that good? Your jumping trains and looking foolish because your savior isn't coming here. He realized that Carolina was horrific elsewhere and a QB alone couldn't fix this mess. He would be put in Jimmy Clausens situation, a no win situation. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON WHY LUCK WOULD PUSH 30-50MILL GUARANTEED AWAY, NONE! Like I said, trade down, and get more help.