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Big Cat getting new heart

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I don't care what age you are. Everyone deserves a shot at life regardless of your age. UNOS does not base this on age or wealth and don't tell me that someone else was in the area and more deserving just because they were 20 or 30 something. There are specific criteria that determine who is the best recipient for the available organ. Get off the high horses folks and let's stop this immature bickering, Mr. Richardson is just as deserving as any other.

Good luck Big Cat and a speedy recovery to you. God Bless.

Just to clarify this is directly off the UNOS website....anyone could google it.

What factors are considered in organ matching and allocation?

Many different medical and logistical characteristics are considered for an organ to be distributed to the best-matched potential recipient. While the specific criteria differ for various organs, matching criteria generally include:

blood type and size of the organ(s) needed

time spent awaiting a transplant

the relative distance between donor and recipient

For certain organs other factors are vital, including:

the medical urgency of the recipient

the degree of immune-system match between donor and recipient

whether the recipient is a child or an adult

For more information, see the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network article on the Donor Matching System.

How does the matching process work?

The matching process contains six steps:

An organ is donated.

The donor's information is put into the UNOS transplant information database, UNetsm.

UNetsm lists of patients who match that organ.

The hospital where the patient is to be transplanted is notified of an available organ.

The transplant team considers whether to accept the organ for the patient.

The patient who will receive the organ is notified that an organ is available.

To understand how patients are matched on the national waiting list, it's helpful to think of the list as a "pool" of patients. Each time an organ becomes available, UNetsm searches the entire "pool" for the patients who are a match for the organ. A new list is made from those who match.

The patients on this new list are ranked in order of their level of match to that donor organ. The organ is offered to the transplant hospital where the first patient is listed. Other factors which may be considered are the patient's current medical status, geographical location, and time on the list. If the organ is refused for any reason, the transplant hospital of the next patient on the list is contacted. This process continues until a match is made.

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Great news. Good luck Big Cat.

Fiz, please stop using this message board.

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Can't believe there are people arguing in this thread. Need to know when to shut the heck up.

Glad Richardson is getting his heart. Hope everything goes well with the transplant, and his body accepts his new heart.

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Good luck and Godspeed Mr. Richardson.

Thoughts and prayers for the family of the donor.

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I see Fiz is here making more friends...

I just heard about this, didn't know he was having the surgery. I hope things went well.

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Awsome! Good Luck Big Cat!.... now if we could just get one for Peppers....

Damn, you beat me to it! :thumbsup:

Great news though. Get well Big Cat.

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    • I'm not even going to say blessed, but what about those who aren't lucky enough to have that many people in their community? What about those who come from communities where the populace, let alone 1100 people, can't afford to even buy a plate? This is that compassion thing ive been talking about. Compassion thrown your way, but when it's time to do your part to help others who are in need, all of a sudden you and the ones who think like you then decide it's time to go on a lecture about how it's time to strap up your bootstraps and get to work. I also hope and pray you were not one of these individuals who were the "let's vote Trump in, so we can watch it all burn" type people. Those are probably the most selfish and least understanding of all people. Wanting to see things burn without even considering that most aren't in a position for this thing to burn down. 
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