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CB Leigh Bodden

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He was released by the Lions this week. IDK if anyone knows much about this guy but he was an up and coming star for the Browns and and 6 picks the year before last when he was traded to the Lions for Rogers. He even knocked the ball out of Steve Smiths hands last year and I was impressed with his play that game. He would be an excellent pick to replace Lucas. Just look for his name to come up when FA starts. :wink5:


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i hadn't heard that this happened. in fact it happened today, didn't it?

we need to jump on this soon.


awesome talent wasted by detroit moronic coaching.

best thing for him.

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He was terrible this past year... Couldn't stop anyone.

He is getting cut by the DETROIT LIONS and you're interested in him?

it wasn't his fault...not entirely. detroit mismanaged him from the beginning.

i have been paying attention to him for a few years. i had heard some things from lions fans i know about this....reasons for his not starting ahead of far inferior competition. this quote pretty much sums it all up.

There are going to be a lot of reasons given as to why the Detroit Lions informed cornerback Leigh Bodden that he won't be back with the team next year, as reported by The Detroit News today.

There will be the roster bonus (which was huge), his performance (which was mediocre) and his postseason comments (which were the final nail in the coffin).

All of these are legitimate reasons why Bodden won't return, but the real blame for this failure belongs squarely on the shoulders of the Lions.

Bodden was acquired in the trade that sent Shaun Rogers to the Cleveland Browns and it appeared to be a great deal at the time. In addition to a draft pick, the Lions were beefing up their thin secondary with an up-and-coming player such as Bodden.

Former coach Rod Marinelli and defensive coordinator Joe Barry, though, completely mishandled the situation.

Bodden is a brash and confident young player who thrives on success, but the Lions messed with his head from the very beginning.

Marinelli's custom of having new players "earn'' starting positions was ridiculous -- and that's been pointed out many times in this blog. It was especially foolish in the case of Bodden, who was a three-year starter with the Browns and had six interceptions the previous season.

Still, Bodden was delegated as a No. 2 cornerback behind Travis Fisher for the entire training camp and preseason. It was embarrassing to Bodden.

The Lions plunged the dagger in even deeper when they made Fisher the starter for the season opener in Atlanta. Bodden quickly entered the game when Fisher gave up some big plays, but the damage was done.

During the season, the Lions -- after making an even bigger mistake by signing Brian Kelly -- switched Bodden over to Kelly's spot on the left side of the defense. It's a move that Bodden resisted, but the Lions didn't want to hear about it.


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I remember he looked good before. I also remember that even back in Cleveland, attitude was an issue. He has a police incident on record though it's relatively minor.

Also a bit concerned with a corner that always wants to play a particular side of the field. That was one of the failures of our scheme this year.

Still, he did indeed look like a good, up and coming corner before, and he handled Ocho Cinco fairly well.

Could be worth at least a look, depending on what kind of money he wants.

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Bodden was a very good CB for the Browns two seasons ago. I'd love for the Panthers to bring him in. AT best, he can take Lucas' spot. At worst he'd be a solid backup. And depth is never a bad thing.

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cutting or replacing lucas is a bad idea, I don't see it happening

restructure his contract but don't cut him, marshall can't take his place and we need to focus more attention on the D-line rather than the secondary

unless a top CB falls to us in the draft i don't see it happening

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