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Chalmers Johnson: Our military is useless and expensive, Air Force worse offender

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Posted 07 February 2009 - 11:21 AM

Over 100 have been built, over 90 are in active service. They work just fine.

oh really? how many are in Iraq, the war the US Government is actually fighting at the moment? Oh that's right, not a single god damn one. Do you know why?

Because, according to Aviation Week & Space Technology, there's just too much radio interference. To quote the man in charge of Air Combat Command, Gen. Ronald E. Keys:

"We didn't anticipate there was going to be this level of jamming. Every patrol is out there with personal jammers. We've got lots of airplanes that are also jamming. At the same time, we've got people trying to listen [to insurgent conversations], a lot of it on the same or overlapping frequencies."

The jammers he's talking about are the ones the troops use to disable roadside IEDs. So the F-22, at $351 million a pop, is an excellent plane; it just doesn't work over a battlefield where one side is using booby traps activated by TV remotes and electronic garage door openers.

So Iraq is out. And anyplace else with TVs, radios and cars.

Also according to Aviation Week:

(A) possible vulnerability in the stealth fighter's legendary electronic surveillance system--located in the leading edges of the wings and vertical tails--became apparent during operations by the first operational squadron flying in the Chesapeake Bay area. The strong radars on nearby Navy ships were overwhelming the delicate sensors.

So it also doesn't work around warships. FANTASTIC WELL WORTH ITand

they're working SOOOOOOO fine that they can't even fuging cross the international date line without being taken out.

tell me again how it's doing fine?

it's useless in asymmetrical warfare, the kind the US finds itself struggling with so mightily, and only succeeds in very specific scenarios created for it for wargames purposes so war fetishists can jack off about how completely dominant it is in an air superiority battle that will never happen.

but tell me again how I'm out of my element.

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Posted 07 February 2009 - 01:57 PM

Cat fight! Cat fight!