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any one here?? I need one built...willing to pay for your time!

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cool...nice is yours...

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    • That is one beautiful woman;
      Good hopefully the show thrives, but more than that hopefully it shines a light and helps educate on the problems that we have in this country.

      Sadly I wouldn't exactly hold my breath for people having an open mind.
    • Issue comes in with the complexity of shoulder surgeries. When you haven't had much improvement medically in techniques in shoulder surgery for decades, there's an issue over there. What makes the shoulder so intricate is its many parts. I remember it being described as "putting a jigsaw puzzle back together - without the cover." Now, due to Cam being able to still throw it downfield really well, I believe it's not too big of an issue, and the current procedure they plan on doing will minimize any consequences that might incur. I think Cam should be fine, but shoulder injuries are no joke.
    • Elijah McGuire in the 6th  would be a steal...dude is for reals...