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Israel Accused of Firing on Aid Ship and Beating Crew

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Israel Accused of Firing on Aid Ship and Beating Crew

10 activists and journalists have been expelled by Israel after they tried to deliver 60 tonnes of medical supplies, food, books and toys to Gaza in a ship called the Al-Ikhwa.

The activists claim they were beaten by Israeli soldiers before being released to Lebanon where the PM stated "It is no surprise for Israel to perpetrate such an action as it has been accustomed to ignoring all international resolutions and values."

One of the journalists said "At about 11pm last night... the Israeli ship intercepted the ship, fired at the ship and more than 30 soldiers came on to the boat and started beating the passengers”. Israel denies using violence during the incident.

Source: english.aljazeera.net

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Source: english.aljazeera.net


aljazeera is actually a pretty fantastic news organization, and its english side employs many reporters who were formerly making more money and winning awards with the bbc, and chose voluntarily to go work for AJ.

Most of what Americans know about AJ is blatant propaganda, spread by the US government after AJ decided to show footage that suggested baghdad immediately after the fall of saddam was competely falling apart which was completely different from the picture that american news agencies were paintings and was, unfortunately, completely true.

Their accurate reporting of the facts on the ground infuriated bush so much that he even threatened to bomb their headquarters in qatar.

Two Labour MPs have defied the Official Secrets Act by passing on the contents of a secret British document revealing how President George Bush wanted to bomb the Arabic TV station, al-Jazeera.

The document, a transcript of a meeting between Mr Bush and Tony Blair in April 2004 when the prime minister expressed concern about US military tactics in Iraq, is already the subject of an unprecedented official secrets prosecution in Britain, against an aide to one of the MPs and another man.

during the invasion of afghanistan they actually did destroy their headquarters in kabul

in 2003 the cia accused them of having been infiltrated by iraqi spies. they were kinda right. before the invasion a couple of low ranking spies had gotten jobs, had never reached an editorial position, and were fired when discovered, long before the report was even released.

in regards to the actual news story, israel's war abuses, both historically and more recent, are well documented and they don't even try to hide it. In lebanon they were actively targeting UN watch towers, for example.


Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed shock and deep distress over what he called the “apparently deliberate targeting” by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) of a United Nations observer post in southern Lebanon that has killed two military observers, with two more feared dead.

and the UN had to stop supplying aid to gaza after the israelis began deliberately targeting them.

JERUSALEM – The U.N. suspended food deliveries to Gaza and the Red Cross accused Israel of blocking medical assistance after forces fired on aid workers, killing two, as the threat of a wider conflict emerged with Lebanon.

With violence unabated in Gaza, key Arab nations and Western powers reached an agreement Thursday on the main elements of a U.N. resolution calling for an immediate and durable cease-fire between the two sides. It must still be voted on by the U.N. Security Council.

but anyway al jazeera is pretty cool and you can watch it for free after you download livestation which is also free

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I know my posts sound harsh, but you would be fed up with hamas, PLO, hezbollah and other extremeists spending every waking hour trying to figure out a way to kill you every day for thousands of years too.

not only do you have an absolutely pitiful understanding of the situation, a nonexistent grasp of the facts, and solipsist, hamfisted and indefensibly brutal orientalist views, but the facts you base those views on do not withstand the briefest moment of scrutiny.

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