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The only intellectually honest way of thinking. There is no crime in admitting that there are things unknown or unknowable.

I don't agree with atheists. I don't agree that it is fact that there is not something out there or in there that created everything. Whether that be a god, energy, or some form of being or thing that our minds just cannot conjure. It is in fact unknowable.

I don't agree with Deists. Obviously all of the organized religions are thousands of years old and a complete fabrication of man. I don't have any issue with someone who believes there is a god, but to subscribe to all of the stories of their dogma is up there with believing the Lord of the Rings really happened. Its ludicrous.

So here I am. The ever skeptic. The only sensible of approach of admitting to the unknown instead of pretending it to be know. Ah, yes, honesty.

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