What Are You Listening To Right Now....

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I don't normally listen to country, I'm a rock n roller, but this is a great party song. Give it a listen.


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This just turned up in the most unlikely Pandora playlist.

Talk about a blast from the past

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don't care if I have posted it before, but goddamn this is one of the best metal songs I have ever heard... someone tell them to play this at my funeral... at least the solo...

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    • The TB is an excellent place to guess where posters get their news from. You have the typical NYT, Wapo, Huffpo "progressives"  Then you have your typical (old fug) corporate dem CNN, MSNBC viewers/readers. Next for the left is the radical SJW knee jerk Buzzfeed, Salon, Being Liberal zombies. The right side of the spectrum follows the same trend... FOX News crusty establishment types. Then Alt Light/Alt Right Breitbart, Drudge Report. Then hysterical (admittedly entertaining) Infowars.   Fun times....
    • see ya bigcat, thought you were a funny dude. 
    • Sorry to hear about your bro. Keep pounding.  Enjoyed the back and forth we had.  Come back and visit when we bring home that ring though