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Cam Newton Workout Phenomenal

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i'm sure the panthers would be ecstatic to have newton become a sensation and the apple of every other team's eye. can only help the possible trade market, or even PR should the panthers elect to choose him at #1.

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had no doubt it would be.

as much of a cam guy as i am, pro days, combine, and private workouts are meant to give the prospect the best possible look by eliminating competition coming at them and putting them in the most ideal of situations.

still, a guy like newton could help his stock some. best place for him to do that, though, is through interviews.

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damn trent dilfer just said he's not even getting out of the top 5... i know it was ment for cam to look good but dilfer is getting me even more excited. i want to SEE it tho.

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Draft him #1. Then have non-team sponsored 'scrimmages' that just happen to have the rest of the team there, and occasionally member from other teams, during the lock out. When games resume in 2012, he will have a year of experience and ready to go. :)

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Speaking on ESPN Thursday afternoon, analyst Trent Dilfer called Auburn QB Cam Newton's Thursday media day workout "one of the most phenomenal personal workouts I've ever seen."

"If scouts saw this they'd have been slobbering," added Dilfer, who called Newton a "dynamic athlete" and "incredibly impressive." Dilfer praised Newton's refinement, accuracy, and arm strength while proclaiming the "sky is the limit." Newton's measurables have never been in question, so it's hardly surprising that he excelled in a controlled environment. It is a positive sign, though, that the tutoring on his footwork and acclimation to working under center have paid off. It now seems likely that a team with a top-five selection will fall in love Newton, but his character concerns and football acumen will still be scrutinized over the next two months.

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NFL scouts couldn’t attend Cam Newton’s random Thursday “Media Day” workout.* But if they could . . .

“That was phenomenal,” ESPN’s Trent Dilfer reports via Bruce Feldman. * “If scouts saw this they’d have been slobbering.”

With all due respect to my fellow scribes in attendance, Dilfer’s opinion may be the only one that particularly matters from this workout.* Dilfer does as much homework as any analyst, and we trust him if he said it was a nice session.

Tony Pauline of SI.com wrote earlier this week that “at least” six teams rank Newton as their top overall prospect in the draft. * It defies belief that six teams even have a “top-ranked” player at this stage, but the note shows that Newton has some serious support within the scouting community.* Not to mention with Dilfer.

“His mechanics are so sound,” Dilfer said. * “The ball just jumps off his hands.* He made 30 big-time throws.”

Newton’s workout on Thursday ultimately doesn’t mean that much, but it’s a good sign he’s so confident in his development as a true passer.

The next step: Make those scouts slobber at the Combine or a real Pro Day.


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