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The best case scenario for this football team.

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Cam Newtowns stock plumets in the draft. Our FO now doesn't have to look crazy for skipping him. We draft Da'Quan Bowers, skipping the pile of junk known as Nike Fairley. How that guy is number 1 (or in the top 50) on anybodys draft board is beyond me. He takes plays off, isn't the brighest guy in the world, and an average player imo. I've seen him get manhandled. A few good plays throughout a season gets you JaMarcus Russel, not Warren Sapp.

Moving on, they don't allow players to become Free Agents, because of the CBA. Teams can sign there players only, and if the players refuse, only when a new CBA deal is reached can they sign with other teams. Trade however can be made. We trade D Will for help on the O line and/or draft picks. We pick up Terrence Toliver the big WR out of LSU.

A new CBA is not reached, and the entire 2011-2012 season has to be canceled. Roger Goodell is fired for his incompetence. A new CBA deal is reached. The 2012 draft, is basically a redo of the 2011 draft, going in the same order, meaning the Panthers once again get the first pick. Andrew Luck.

We win the next 15 Super Bowls, and retire the number 12 in the year 2027. Andrew Luck goes to the Hall in 2032, and the Carolina Panthers become "Americas team" in the process...

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says the guy who makes a thread hoping for no football in 2011 so we can draft first in the draft again.

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