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Am I the only one?

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It was either wreck Newman big time or go low. The rules are rules I guess. On the other hand I think the 500 is going to be good this year. Shouldn't just get in a single line and ride for 480 miles.

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certainly went below the line and stayed there long enough to advance.

weird to see Bush in the Shell/Pennzoil car though..not sure what to think there!

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Well i think you got ur answer lol....

It was a great race though, its awesome seeing how a pack of two cars can blow past a pack going about 20 mph faster, can't wait for the duels and the 500!!

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1. I really wanted them to radius the banking-to-flat portion of the track and do away with the yellow line completely when they re-paved. :(

2. Lesson learned for a lot of drivers right there. I think most of them will hold their line in the last laps of the 500 if (cross that out, read "when" instead) the same situation presents itself. There is a distinct possibility for a Clint Bowyer moment this year (the whole crossing the finish line upside down, backwards and on fire thing).

3. I like the return to higher speeds and closing rates. I could do without the whole 2 car thing, though. Reminds me of a Humpy Wheeler stunt race. 2 cars chained together, steering locked on the front car, but he has the gas pedal. The back car steers. It's okay as a Saturday night distraction between the heats and the feature races at 50 mph on a quarter mile, not so much at 200+ at Daytona.

4. I didn't like that the top 4 were able to get far enough away that they couldn't be threatened by the rest of the pack in the final 2 laps. Meh, we'll see what the 500 brings, they're still learning how to do this new type of drafting at this point.

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