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Cam Newton=Big Ben???

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Yup...another Cam Newton thread. If you don't like it figure out something else to talk about...lol. Anyways, here is a nice article on who Cam SHOULD be compared to...and it ain't Vince Young.

Why Roethlisberger's success buoys Newton's draft stock http://is.gd/CcscHi ... And why the man who coaches both says the comparison is real

I must say I tend to agree but i don't really remember the system Ben played in a Miami(oh). Anybody know?

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Cam has no chance to be Big Ben

I agree.

But also think that Roethlisberger has chance of being a great QB.

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Now that for the most part all the overstated arguments have been have been debunked or answered it is going to come down to his character. If teams feel he will be a pillar of his community and stay out of trouble the sky is the limit for Cam.

From what I have seen he has the most upside of any QB since Mike Vick.

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These two quotes say it all.

"Roethlisberger is a more accurate portrayal of what Cam is than Daunte Culpepper or Vince Young. Those are just clichés, because it's the big African-American guy," said Whitfield, a quarterback specialist who worked Roethlisberger out during his suspension. "Physically, and style-wise, they're giants. Ben's over 6-foot-5, Cam's 6-6, they're both 250, they're both agile, both can play off the script. Cam can make an awful lot of throws, just like Ben. They're both as comfortable out of the pocket as they are in it.

Again, though, it's easy to see where he could bridge the gap. And the thought is that, even if he can't call out a defense at the line right away, he'll still be able to convert that third-and-6 like Roethlisberger so often can: Because he can buy time if the decision-making doesn't come as quickly.

These two things Clausen will never be able to do.

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