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Was it speculation or truth about his seatbeat being mounted incorrectly? ? Which ended up being a big contributing factor?? I heard both the people at simpson ( which is now impact ) and nascar pointing fingers at each other

Bill Simpson resigned as the president of Simpson Performance Products when NASCAR needed to find a scapegoat for Earnhardt's death. Simpson has long been known for having the best stuff on the market and, despite evidence that indicated the seatbelt was incorrectly mounted, the fact Earnhardt didn't wear a neck or head restraint device and the fact he wouldn't wear a visor or full face helmet, Simpson was still blamed for #3's death.

I'm not a NASCAR fan by any stretch and I don't even consider it to be a sport, but I read a lot about the story because a lot of it made no sense to me. I know a lot of people in NASCAR and I've met many drivers and a lot of the "other guys" (pit crews, media, track execs) and the information I heard was pretty hard to stomach.

Dale Earnhardt died in that wreck because of his own choice to alter the design specs of the seatbelt system by mounting it in a different location. He wanted it this way because it was more comfortable to drive while sitting so low in the seat. NASCAR was also to blame because they did nothing each and every time they inspected his cars and found the seatbelt issue.

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NASCAR buried his freaking car. That should tell you something.

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