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Countdown until S-Jax's implosion.

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As the title clearly states. Here is a game ticker for the countdown until Jack implodes on this team (in a negative way) and begins to demand a trade.

As shown tonight (altitude or not) a 40-point drubbing is in no way a good sign for the direction of this team. Added with the fact that Blazers trade is actually not all that good. (unless we package those picks and go for a superstar) And finally as shown tonight, Wallace was the last remaining heart of this team.

For all the good that Jackson's brought to this team, he's not mentally able to carry this team as its only legit scoring threat. (This was hidden by Wallace's ability to play off him) and I expect a similar blow-up / reaction to the Golden State Fiasco. However, unlike in Golden State I'd bet my bottom dollar that not many of his current teamates were as buddie-buddie to him as his Golden State teamates were.

Hopefully I'm just being pessimistic, but things do not bode well for the Jack's immediate future on this team.

I would have much rather to trade Jax than Wallace this year, but that's how the ball rolls.

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At this point, what makes this situation any different than the Golden State situation that he demanded to be traded out of?

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I don't know - something makes me think he won't lose his sh*t with MJ as his boss. There may be frustrations behind closed doors, but I can't see MJ tolerating that nonsense.

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doesn't this happen every S-Jax goes, he is like the unstable girlfriend that is sportatically fun and awesome, but you know one day she is going to get unstable and just want out

can't say I expected Jax to retire a bobcat

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