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Where's the Joe the Plumber-type vetting?

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I don't doubt this woman's story, and it's terrible. I'm glad she's getting help.

I just wonder where the vetting is for her, a la Joe the Plumber.

Do we really know what her circumstances are? Who was responsible for getting her to the town hall meeting? Who was responsible for making sure she got to ask her question/tell her story?

I just want fairness.

A woman's hard-luck tale at a town hall meeting in Florida moved President Barack Obama to leave the stage.

When Henrietta Hughes complained she'd been down on her luck and was living in her car with her son, Obama walked to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Hughes said she was out of work and homeless, with "a very small vehicle for my family and I to live in."

A White House press secretary said administration officials asked the local housing authority to contact her after the exchange in Fort Myers.

Meanwhile, the wife of Florida state Rep. Nick Thompson offered to let the woman stay in a house she owns that's vacant about 30 miles away. Chene Thompson isn't sure if Hughes will take her up on the offer.

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what a heartless thread. you should be ashamed.

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Remember when Clinton was jogging and the homeless man just happened to interrupt him and Clinton spoke to him while the cameras rolled? "I can feel your pain!"

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Only a republican familiar with airport restroom stalls would know that.

Airport restroom stalls, they are often the modern day bath houses for many, many gay men.

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