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Dodgers @ Giants 4/3....

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I have faith that it will happen but Broxton really needs to get his poo together and get back to his 2010 All Star form. He was automatic the first half of last season, almost untouchable. Now almost every save attempt has you on the edge of your seat. Hopefully Brox can finish this game off despite giving up his second home run of the season already, and the Dodgers can start the season off with a 3-1 series win over the defending champs.....

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He made it exciting to watch, but Brox finishes the job to seal the 7-5 victory. Still I would really like to have that feeling of the game being over when 51 takes the mound....

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    • Do you realize on Day 1 of the new NBA season - we will be over the cap by $12 mil!!!!!!!!

      Our disgusting roster puts us over by 11.7 mil to be exact, but that is EVEN WITH the Cap going up from last year.. Naw man, naw.. Cho has got to go.. he has to.. You have a bit of wiggle room, maybe, in that we have a team option on Sessions - so we can save 6 mil by not picking that up - but then we need a backup PG as our #1b priority (#1a = wing scorer).. and anybody knows a backup PG worth a damn is easily gunna cost us more than 6 mil for sure.. Naw man.. he fugged the team.. maybe he was just doing what Jordan told him to do - but that doesn't make it any better:
      - if he made the move because he is a shitty GM and talent evaluator = Fire his ass, you aren't fit to run a NBA franchise
      - if he made the move because Jordan was pressuring him and he caved = Fire his ass, you aren't fit to run a NBA franchise
    • He was still standing in a field in his underwear and worried somebody enough to call the police. Do you really want this guy? He was obviously cut for a reason. Teams don't draft players in the 1st round and not give them every chance to succeed. Are you really a PHD?
    • What makes you so sure Pryer is better competition than Marlowe and Blechen? Those are developing players that already know the defense.