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Do you want a team name change?

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I always liked how in the NBA team names were usually based off something about where the team is located. Since so many teams have moved and sent to other cities it takes away from it some. I always laugh at LA teams because what would you name a team From LA that has any relevance? Fakers, Actors, Smog, Stars, well you get my point. It would make me mad that my team represents something In Minnesota or San Diego in the case of the clippers. I think if NOLA keeps their team they should be called the Jazz and Utah should name their team something relevant. This also goes for a few other teams in the league.

If the Bobcats were to change the team name I would want to become the Charlotte Hornets again. I would not mind the Flight either or if they tried to incorporate something with racing and nascar even though I strongly dislike nascar. It would have to be something creative not just something stupid like the Charlotte Racecars.

I just do not like the Name Bobcats and do not like what it stands for. What do all of you think.

(I would have added a poll but do not know how lol)

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Charlotte Jets? what else is out there? Charlotte Speed, Charlotte Nitrous?

I dont think we could think of anything that both fits and sounds good

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I heard someone say Carolina Flyers..or Charlotte Flyers when we had a name change thread about a year ago. I think a sports writer said they liked that..

I personally would like the Charlotte Hornets name back. The fans down here in La don't care for the name, colors or logo. They want something thats native to the area, or jazz back. Are bobcats native to Utah? Seems more applicable with the mountainous terrain.

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Royals would not be bad. I mean if we do stick with the bobcats I at least want another alternate jersey or some more color on ours. I saw this picture I thought it was awesome.


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