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Panthers Mock draft

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1st (1 overall) - Cam Newton, QB, Auburn.

Strengths - The highest ceiling of anyone in the draft at any position. A big, strong qb with an amazing frame at 6-6 248. Has the arm strength to make all the throws in the NFL. Amazing speed and agility for his size, exceptional lower body strength. Very consistant accuracy on short and deep throws.

Fits the down the field vertical throwing game the Panthers plain to implement this coming season.

weaknesses - accuracy and Consistancy issues on intermediate throws and timing routes, Questions about his ability to play under center. Verbage the transition to the NFL game ( can he make the transition) Maturity and past issues poise a serious question mark.

Alts - Darues Marcel - Potential anchor on the Dline, great motor, explosive first step and the ability to take up space. Fits both 4-3 and 3-4 defense

Von Miller - BPA, IMO. Can play iin both the 4-3 and 3-4 defense, projects better into the 3-4 as an OLB edge rusher. Has the speed, agility and hip movement to drop back into zone coverage when needed.

3rd round (65th overall) Jarvis Jenkins, DT, Clemson

BPA at this point in the draft, definite need for the Carolina Defense that has a glaring hole at DT. Big guy at 6-4, 310... space eater, strongest in run defense. Decent at creating pressure from the middle, could also transition nicely to the 5 technique in the NFL.

3rd round (97th overall) Drake Nevis, DT, LSU

Another DT, this time a pass rushing one. Creates havok in the back field, explosive and a viable pass rushing threat. great motor and the man plays with a viloent aggressive style. Not very big at 6-1 285 with short arms, most likely he would only be able to play on passing downs as a rookie.

4th round (98th overall) Brandon Burton, CB, Utah

Great at reading and reacting to plays developing, fits into a zone system perfectly. Good size and decent speed. Physical at the line and good in run support. Backpedaling issues, sometimes known to have communication issues with his safties..

5th round (132 overall) Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State

Size, speed and athletic abiltiy to be a big time player. Will need time to fully learn the position, but once he does could become Chud's new TE gtg here in Carolina.

6th round (166th overall) DeMarcus Love, OT/G, Arkansas

Nice size at 6-5 and 318, good run blocker that plays with a nasty mean streak. Can play multiple positions on along the line.

6th round (203rd overall) Eric Gordon, OLB, Michigan State

7th round (244th overall) Darvin Adams, WR, Auburn

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