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AJ Green takes #18, via Twitter

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Figured this was the appropriate forum for this. Just thought it was interesting he's already got a number (or maybe he's just saying what he plans to take).

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    • I have to put what others think and ask for help. My mom has been in the hospital for 32 days with no end insight. My dad, my sister and I have been with mom everday especially dad since she fell ill March 22. The medical bills are starting to come in and dad will need help. My sister and I have lost out on money from this but we are going to be okay. Dad's fed insurance will run out soon for what is going to be paid for. He is okay for personally due to having numerous hours saved from working at Cherry Point but the medical expenses are going to be astronomical. March 22 dad took mom to urgent care which tested positive with A and B flu. Her vitals were bad at CCHC so they called an ambulance to send her to Carolina East hospital. Dad was told this, so he went met her there in the ER. They waited 3 hours until they were seen by a doctor who then did not do anything else besides give mom 2 Motrin to take and him saying so she was sent to the ER with just the flu like no x rays nor anything else performed. No tamiflu, no nothing. Dad called CCHC begging for help, for tamiflu which they finally wrote out a prescription for mom. Dad had a family friend to pick up the tamiflu for them since mom was not good enough to be left by herself. For over a day her fever was 103.8. Every 4 to 6 hours dad altered between tylenol and ibuprofen to get her fever down. March 26 fever broke and she started to get a little better. She plateaued Monday and started to regress Tuesday and then Wednesday even more with a terrible cough nonstop which he was going to take her back to the doctors on Thursday. Thursday morning dad calls me at 645am to meet him at the hospital in which I did. Mom did not recognize me anf she looked like death. Thank God no one was in the ER at Vidant at the time. She was taken in instantly. Come to find out she was suffering a heart attack then the x rayed her to find both lungs filled with pneumonia severely. Then as intubation happened and all to her into ICU she went into full shock. She was on heavy sedation for 21 days before having a trach performed. She has suffered many set backs from coming off of sedation. Delirium and having the life team to come in. I have seen my mom on the edge of passing more than my fair share. Then come to find out ARDS stage 3 has hit mom and has slowed her recovery. She is at 20% lung capacity and pulmonary fibrosis is slowly setting in. Either it will be severe or mild but her lungs are still adjusting. Either way the doctor at New Bern ER did not properly treat mom and she now has a death sentence due to negligence. I need a recommendation for a malpractice lawyer. I need advise in general. I do not know who to turn too or how to handle this because I have never gone through this before. I have some connections I have made work that I will be exercising tomorrow. Please help in any form. PM or whatever. Huddle I ask humbly. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Cherry Point told my dad to take as long as needed and that they will help him some but he will need more than that. My sis started a go fund me. Thank you to all who read this.