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Clausen isn't 'real' competition for Newton

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Clausen played behind an injured patch-work OL, with 1 star WR that was blanketed, a couple other brand new rookie WRs, and defenses that were loading the box to stop the run. He was also pushed into the starting role before he was ready. Tell you what, start Cam Newton right away behind some back-up OL, Steve Smith and only our newly drafted WRs, and only Goodson in the back field and let's see how he does?!

Even rivera said a fair evaluation of Clausen could not be made based on these factors/circumstanced he played under last year

I agree with the idea that a Vet needs to be brought in so that BOTH Cam and Clausen can continue to develop more; however, I do think that Clausen will improve.

Let's see...

- Clausen was the most 'panther-ready' QB in the draft 2 years ago. he was considered the best QB in the draft for the team in a year that did not include Cam Newton....

- Newton was called the best QB in the draft for Carolina in a draft that did not include Andrew Luck...

Are you guys going to be saynig the same thing next year about Newton if they rush him into starting too soon and he doesn't do well (He isn't 'competition' for Luck')?!

I just find it remarkable that the team/fans were more patient with and gave Eric Shelton and Dwayne Jarrett more of a chance before being ready to dump them! :rolleyes:

No he wasn't. Steve Smith and all the other WRs had no problem producing when Clausen was on the bench. Clausen would only throw to certain routes.

No excuse for Clauen being that pathetic the entire season.

Shelton and Jarrett never got the reps in their careers that Clausen saw in a one season. They at least had some mystery to them.

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11-5? Lol dude what is Moore's win loss record? Somewhere in the mediocre range. Only time the guy has had a good streak of games is coming off the bench when teams had no tape on the guy. He finally starts when teams have a fair amount of tape on him and he bombs. How about you do better.

Agree that his overall record is mediocre. But he either plays well or plays bad it seems, not they not in consecutive games.

You are going to get the Good Moore or the Bad Moore for a long stretch.

If you think the tape is out there and he's exposed, you will lean towards the bad Moore and get 3-13.

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Simply the only hope I see for Cam is Farve or another Vet working with him. His physical abilities are there but not the mental part of the game. He cannot read plays or defenses.

To me if Matt Moore is retained, I see him starting next season. He is the best option we have and just because you’re a #1 pick does not mean you have the god given right to be the starter by default. Cam like all Qb's this draft is a project.

Poor play from all around last season but as always, people (FANS) who really know nothing about football will blame the QB for everything. This game (Football) is the poster child of a "team" sport. It takes all parts and players doing their part perfectly for each play to work correctly. That never happened last season. The oline had holes the WR's were rookies and SS had injuries. Then you throw in rookie QB's and a depleted backfield for most of the season you get a 2-15 season.

You take a rookie QB and three rookie WR’s. Steve smith injured and double teamed every down you stack the box with 8-9 players and say ok beat me rookie team. Then with a beat up Oline those Blitzer’s get by and the QB is dog meat. But for some damn reason you people think it’s all on the QB’s head. When Matt Moore was playing bad you scream for clause, when clause player poorly, you screamed for Matt Moore or jimmy pike. Look at the team as a whole and not one position.

But of course all this will go on death ears because you think Cam Newton the one year wonder child, that played in a “SIMPLIFIED COLLEGE OFFENSE” is going to be our savor. OMG He has a 900 page playbook in his hands and has no idea what the hell to do with it. He could not even break down an offense for John Gurdon and John QB Camp. But keep jumping on the band wagon. He’s got a lot to learn and talent in the league only goes so far.

CAM is not the savor for the panthers. The players as a whole and the coaches bring it together will be.

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oh and not saying that Cam cant read a defense, Im saying the damn coaches at Auburn never tried to teach him how to do it. But really most college coaches dont teach that to QB's anyways.

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