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Street Fighter IV

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Street Fighter IV

IGN 9.3, Gamespot 9, 1up A

The games been out for almost two weeks and I didn't see a thread so I figured I'd start one. Reviews are extremely high and positive from every site. I know most of you have played some form of Street Fighter in your lives. So what's the verdict? Any players around here or is no one here really into a deep fighting game? There are lots of modes. Online, vs, Arcade, Training, Challenges (Teaches you easy moves and even combos that pros pull off), Survival, Time Attack etc...

I'm not very good but I've always enjoyed the series. I picked up a few fight pads to play with until the arcade sticks are more prevalent. I have friends who are beast at these games and they're disappointed that it's not coming to any arcades here in America as you can guess why. You can still play over xbox live though so if anyone is interested my tag is chabber just like my screen name.


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    • NFL Network is showing the Carolina / Giants game from our 2015 season.  I'm just watching the tail end where Beckham scored on Norman and it showed Cam's "I got this" nod. Man, what a great drive.  In 2015, we simply played with more urgency, hunger, and the drive to be the best. Cam had the confidence because everyone was playing as hard as they could.   Going into 2017, if this team can get hungry again, they are going to be fun to watch!  The more I think about it, the dominance of that team wasn't some kind of magic, but rather in will.  They would not be denied. The good news is that they can find the motivation again.  Nothing special.  I know we're all in draft mode, but I'm feeling pretty excited for the season.  I think our team will come back motivated!
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