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The new Tea Party movement is a corporate sham and an elaborate PR campaign

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The merciful one is frantic, searching to dismiss and debunk his busted thread.

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then perhaps you shouldn't get pissy when I call you on your laziness.

no, i will read the article, i will think about it, then i will respond. if you provide something obviously biased and uninformed (like the ridiculous crap SCP likes to post) then I will point that out.

considering sources is rather important don't you think?

in your own post you 1. pass off your inability to formulate anything worth reading on what you're doing in your house and 2. take any delay from me as evidence that i'm simply stealing my ideas off google. wow, that's an amazing new height of cognitive dissonance.

if you must know, I've been reading this article on and off all night, and find it far more entertaining than dragging you around.

it's pretty dense so i have to give it a lot of focus and reread sections

oh yeah okay let me get right on that.

well you certainly haven't shown you are besides repeating the fact that you're reading a soros book which you freely admitt isn't related to the issue at hand, which is apparently his support of anti americanism and terrorist lawyer defenders, which of course you haven't provided any evidence of.

the only person i've ever seen you reference, besides this mythical soros book, is thomas friedman, who is the criticism you levied against Time magazine down to a T. if you started posting kathryn jean lopez or bill kristol, then i'd call you on that as well. however, you strike me as the kind of guy that prefers the bland, centrist, relatively uneducated types that are easy to read.

lol again this is great.

i take time with my responses. things like links, grammar, spacing.

what the f*ck does this even mean

you honest to god are either functionally retarded or terrible at synthesizing your thoughts into something readable

So in a nut shell, you feel pstall is beneath you because you've selected a deeper bench of douchey intellectuals to quote and name drop than he did? And you get Pwned in the end of the thread anyway. I. Love. This. Thread!

I've got a better use for the copious amounts of time you spend alone staring at your computer: http://www.jeffpaul.tv/index.htm.

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