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Post a pic, any pic.

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you have a floorplan?

I just look at them all the time online...

I just snagged a book at Lowes the other day that features like 60 plans or so... from like 100 sq. ft. to like 800 or so...

They had another book and I'll probably end up getting that one and more too... It is amazing what some people do with them, and how easily they are to construct on your own...

mmmbeans that was one of the damn funniest posts ever for some reason... lol

This is the book I got, and it can be my pic...


It doesn't really have specific measurements or anything, but it just gives basic design layouts that you're supposed to base yours off of...

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I bought one of the books for my detached garage, built it myself at 16'x24', wired it up and now its my workshop/mancave... Lots of cool layouts, the book I got wanted me to send money for their plans.. Yeah, no...

No pic of garage, but here's yous obligatory...


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he's putting the pussy on a pedestal

Yeap, when you that age, pussy always will be on a pedestal.

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